May 2014
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18 KCPS students graduate with a high school diploma and associateís degree
Early College Academy offers challenging program for exceptional students
by Sarah Cousineau
It seems like the media is always reporting bad news about the Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS). If you want to hear something different and positive, read on. The Early College Academy (ECA) is a program that helps students earn their associate’s degree while attending high school. The ECA is a partnership between the Kansas City Public Schools and MCC – Penn Valley and has been designed for high achieving high school students who are ready for a challenge. Through the ECA, qualified high school students will earn high school credits while also earning college credits as they attend classes, full-time, on a college campus.
Read on for more information about the program and a listing of the 18 students, the high schools they graduated from, and their future plans.
When to File an Insurance Claim
The doís and doníts of filing insurance claims
Photo: When to File an Insurance Claim
You have insurance for your vehicle and your home so that if something happens and they are damaged, you can make a claim to have the damage fixed. There is a lot of misinformation spread about insurance claims, however, and many people fear making a claim and having their premium rise to an unaffordable level. The following information will help you determine when it is most appropriate to make a claim.

Overdraft Protection 101
Learn the ins and outs of overdraft protection
Photo: Overdraft Protection 101
Have you ever made a transaction and caused the balance of your account to dip below zero? Thatís called an overdraft, and itís a common occurrence among many. In fact, nine out of every 10 Americans have a checking account, and 18 percent of them have endured an overdraft within the year, according to a 2012 Overdraft America study.
Insurance Types Required for Business Owners with Employees
What employers need to know about providing insurance
Photo: Insurance Types Required for Business Owners with Employees
Insurance is a fact of life for all business owners. While all businesses benefit from general types of business insurance like liability insurance, there are certain types of insurance specifically for employers. So, if youíre an entrepreneur thinking of turning your one-man-show into a larger business, or if youíre starting a new business with employees, here is some information about the types of insurance you must provide.
The new Q39 is serving up some great BBQ
Smoldering new restaurant opens on 39th Street
by Sarah Cousineau

A great new addition to the BBQ scene in Kansas City is Q39, owned by the national barbeque champion, Rob Magee. It is located just west of Southwest Trafficway on 39th Street. The restaurant features an open barbeque scratch kitchen—the first in the area. You won’t find a microwave anywhere in this restaurant - everything is fresh and delicious. It is open for lunch, dinner, and carryout (Q2Go).
Five Retirement Planning Mistakes
Avoid these five pitfalls to make sure your retirement lives up to its potential
Photo: Five Retirement Planning Mistakes
Youíre maxing out on matching 401(k) contributions, youíve got your IRA set up and youíre keeping your spending under control. Are you on track to a dream retirement? Perhaps, but make sure you havenít made one of these five retirement-ruining planning mistakes.

Budget-Friendly Renovating Tips
Consider these tips for renovating ó without depleting your nest egg
Photo: Budget-Friendly Renovating Tips
Your bathroom tile is cracking, your kitchen cabinets are outdated and how great would it be to finally add a fireplace to your living room? So, whatís stopping you? More times than not, itís the high costs associated with renovations that leaves homeowners at a standstill.
Published by Central Bank of Kansas City
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