January 2015
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cb goes mobile
by Sarah Cousineau

Bank anywhere, anytime with cb mobile.

Need to check your balance while at the grocery store? Need to confirm a deposit when you are out running errands? Need to transfer funds quickly? Need to pay a bill when you aren’t home? Get cb mobile today and start banking anywhere, anytime!

How? Search Central Bank of Kansas City in Google Play or the iTunes App store and download the cb mobile app to your phone. Sign in with your mobile banking ID and PIN, which is the same as your online banking ID and PIN. It’s that easy. Click on the links below to download the cb mobile app.


Want mobile banking, but don’t have online banking yet? Just sign up, and enjoy easy access to all your bank accounts through online and mobile banking. Read on for more information about cb mobile.

You're Invited to our Mobile Mondays starting February 2nd, from 12-5pm. Read more about Mobile Mondays in the News and Events column below.

You're Invited to Mobile Mondays
February 2, 9, 23, and March 2nd
by Sarah Cousineau

Bank anywhere, anytime with cb mobile. We are so excited about our new mobile banking, that we want to invite you to Mobile Mondays. On Mobile Mondays, we will be able to show you how to download the app, and how it works. We will also have fun prizes, popcorn, and offer free shred  (1 small bag per day).

Get Rid of the Debt Before You Retire
Paying interest on a fixed income is a no-win situation

Photo: Get Rid of the Debt Before You Retire
At this point, you know how essential it is to save for your retirement. What you're putting in your 401(k) and your IRA now is likely to be the source of most of your income later. But planning for retirement is about more than just making sure you have enough money coming in ó it also means taking control of the money you have going out. And that means paying down your debt.

Creating a Home Inventory for Insurance Purposes
Tips on how to best list what you own in case of a claim

A home inventory is the best way to make the insurance claims process more efficient in the case of theft, damage or loss. Creating a file thoroughly documenting what you own will make a settlement from your homeowners or renters insurance company come faster and much less stressfully. Furthermore, do you know if you even have enough coverage for everything within your dwelling? This list can help you avoid even further loss later. Here are a few steps and advice on how to make an accurate home inventory.

Vehicles That Help Hold Their Value
These vehicles provide major bang for your buck

If youíre like most people, buying a new vehicle is among the biggest purchases youíll ever make. But unlike a house or other investments, your vehicle almost immediately depreciates.

Sticking to Your New Yearís Resolution
Tips for making your New Yearís Resolution last

Itís a new year, and you probably have some exciting new resolutions to make it the best year yet. If youíve had resolutions in previous years that didnít last that long, donít get discouraged. There are many simple strategies you can use to help your resolutions last through the entire year.

Using Cash Correctly in Your New Business
It isnít just how much cash you have, but how you use it

Photo: Using Cash Correctly in Your New Business
When youíre running a business, cash flow is crucial to its success. How much cash you have isnít the only important factor though, how you use it is also important. The following information can help you determine a realistic goal for the amount of cash needed to start a business and how to make best use of that cash once youíre up and running.

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