February 2015
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Free Tax Prep for Some KC Residents
Tax Preparation Online or at VITA site
by Sarah Cousineau
Tax season is upon us. Where are you getting your taxes done this year? Are you filing online or by mail?  Would you like to be able to file your federal and state taxes for FREE? If you meet the income requirements, you could either file your taxes online or at a local IRS-sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site for FREE. Read on for more details including area locations, what to bring to a VITA site and links to online filing.
You're Invited to Mobile Monday
Monday, March 2nd
by Sarah Cousineau

Bank anywhere, anytime with cb mobile. If you missed Mobile Monday the past few weeks, don't miss it this Monday! Fun, free event with FREE shred(1 small bag), FREE snacks, and even take our prize wheel for a spin. Also check out our new mobile app! Monday, March 2nd from 12-5pm at our Main Branch - 2301 Independence Avenue, KCMO.

Paying Down Debt vs. Investing vs. Saving
Best tactics to improve your bottom line

Paying down debt is a tricky process. Not only is it hard finding the money to do so, and it takes a while, but there are different strategies to employ based on your goals. Some people may contemplate saving throughout the year to get a solid nest egg before starting to pay down on that debt. Others opt to invest in hopes to make more money back in order to pay money off more quickly later. There are many considerations when it comes to deciding what to do with your money. Here are just a few of them.

Can Attending a Community College Save You Money?
And is it worth it?

Are you looking to get your degree — but feel discouraged by the skyrocketing financial statistics? You’re not alone. It’s no secret that college tuition bills have been soaring over the years, which means that many of us become weary about being able to afford a four-year college. But what about a community college — are they cheaper?

5 Myths of Electricity
Setting the record straight about power sources

Do appliances use energy when turned off? Does leaving a light on use less energy than turning it off and on several times? Find out the answers to these energy questions and find ways to lower your energy consumption without the high cost upfront fees...

Fuel Sippers for All Budgets
There is a fuel-efficient model out there for you

Even with gas prices falling again, fuel economy is still among the biggest factors people consider when buying a new vehicle. Spending less at the pump can help you spring for the model that you may not have been able to afford before. Here is a list of some of the best:

Best Business Books of the Year
Get the inside track with these best sellers from 2014

Did you resolve last month to start a successful small business in 2015? Business school may have prepared you well, and the textbooks you used were likely very informative. However, nothing can beat real-world experience, and you can learn about just that with these five business books that led 2014.

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