March 2015
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Are you Money Smart?
Free sessions all throughout April
by Sarah Cousineau
Do you know your credit score? Do you have a budget? Are you saving for your goals? Are you Money Smart? Being smart with your money isn’t always easy. Finding better ways to spend, save, and borrow money is extremely important. Get Money Smart in April by attending one of a hundred free public events during the 8th Annual Money Smart Month of Greater Kansas City.
Shark Tank Youth Contest
by Sarah Cousineau

Shark Tank, Money Smart Style, was part of the Money Smart KC Kick-Off event, Grow Your Money. Teams of high school students from across the metro participated in this fun competition. Shark Tank was sponsored by Central Bank of Kansas City and led by Patty Palmer of the Missouri Council on Economic Education.

Grow Your Money
Money Smart KC Kick-off Event
by Sarah Cousineau

Last Saturday, Money Smart KC kicked off Money Smart Month with a great family fun event at the Jack Reardon Convention Center. A Shark Tank contest, a cash machine, a dynamic speaker, $Money Minutes, prizes, games and other activities entertained hundreds of people from 10am-3pm.

Remove These Eight Things from Your Wallet Immediately
Just because your purse or wallet is lost or stolen doesnít mean your identity has to be

Unfortunately, we live in a world where identity theft is rampant. It is all too easy for thieves and hackers to take a small amount of vital information, and, after some phishing, turn it into a lot of hurt for the victim. However, there are ways for you to make it harder on those identity thieves who earn their living by swiping unsuspecting consumersí wallets or handbags. By simply ensuring that you remove eight critical items from your wallet, you will be able to breathe just a little bit easier if it is lost or stolen.

Five Great Women in History
Five important stories for Womenís History Month

Womenís History Month arrives again this March. If you are interested in having a discussion about important women with your family or friends, or if you would just like to learn more about womenís history for your own knowledge, here are five important stories worth telling.

Five Spring Cleaning Tips
Tricks to making spring cleaning less daunting

Itís almost spring time, and that means youíre ready to shake off those winter doldrums with a little house cleaning and yard managing, right? If you just let out a groan, you might need a little motivation to help you get started.

Find Paradise in Key West, Florida
Your luxury Floridian vacation awaits

Thereís a place to get away from it all. Itís a place with palm trees that line the streets, bounded by natural beauty and cultural diversity. Itís home to historic attractions, like mansions of some famous names, where you can go fishing, play golf and shop by day, and roam open-air bars, pubs and world-class restaurants by night. Itís where fine dining abounds, whether in a restaurant or sunset cruise, and lodging is chic and exquisite.

Steps for Starting a Business
What to do when you want to start your own company

So you want to open a "small" businessÖdonít be seduced by its name; starting your own company is a BIG undertaking. There are both conceptual and legal considerations to take into account when beginning a business. However, when you break it all down, starting a small business is a very feasible and manageable process for a budding entrepreneur.

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