July 2015
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Come to Mobile Monday!
August 3rd from 12-5pm

Join us for Mobile Monday On August 3rd from 12-5pm at our main branch for free snacks, prize wheel and free shred(1 small bag please). Check out our mobile app here.

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Harmon & Huwaldt Project
cb Community Outreach
by Sarah Cousineau
This spring, the staff at Central Bank of Kansas City formed a community service project committee. There has been much interest in expanding our community outreach efforts recently. A committee was formed of 10 staff members to plan and organize 1-2 projects each month that benefit the community. We recently named our effort to honor the memory of two very special Central Bank staff; JoAnn Harmon and Ed Huwaldt.
Money, Money, Money
Lincoln Prep students learn about $
by Sarah Cousineau

During Money Smart Month, Sarah Cousineau, Marketing Director at Central Bank, taught a Junior Achievement Personal Finance Curriculum (5 sessions) to a classroom at Lincoln College Prep High School. Bill Dana, Central Bank President and CEO also taught one session titled Credit Choices.
Tips for Building Your Credit Score
If your credit score could use a boost, read these foolproof tips

Thereís a certain three-digit number that can make all the difference between being denied or approved for credit, and whether youíll receive a low or high interest rate. That number is called a credit score, and itís derived from your payment history, accounts owed, length of credit history, types of credit used and other factors.

Safe Online Banking
Tips for a safer online banking experience

Online banking tools have revolutionized the world of personal finance. You can view transactions, check balances, transfer funds and pay bills all without leaving the comfort of your home, but you need to make sure that youíre doing these things safely.
How Sweating Benefits Your Body
Donít forget a towel to wipe down!

We all know that exercising has many great benefits for your body and overall heath, but how many people realize that just the simple act of sweating can also improve your well-being? Sweating can do everything from cleaning your pores to expelling toxins, as well as regulating your body temperature…

Tips to Grow Giant Tomatoes
Grow the biggest tomatoes on the block by following these easy tips

Few things are more discouraging than spending months weeding, mulching, watering and fertilizing your garden, only to end up with some measly little fruits and vegetables which arenít even enough for a salad. If youíre going to grow big tomatoes, youíll need to follow these tips to optimize next …

Myrtle Beach
Miles and miles of beach and activities await

If thereís one vacation destination in South Carolina that can appeal to your entire family, itís Myrtle Beach. This beachfront attraction nestled against the Atlantic Ocean is known for its relaxing beaches, upscale golf courses, and family-friendly night life.
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