October 2015
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cb staff serves at St. James Community Kitchen
by Sarah Cousineau
Last month, a team of nine Central Bank staff rolled up our sleeves and served dinner at St. James Place Community Kitchen at 39th and Troost. As over 250 individuals filed through the food line on Monday evening, September 28th, something powerful happened to our team of volunteers. “Walk in Another Man’s Shoes” will give you a snapshot of what it was like on that late September evening. (Video by Bishop Sullivan)
cb Roots on the Royals
by Sarah Cousineau

Central Bank of Kansas City has been rooting on our boys in blue throughout the regular and post-season. It is so great for our the KC Royals to be back competing in the World Series. What an incredible team with huge talent and heart. After winning two great games at Kauffman Stadium, the Royals will face the Mets in their home turf at Citi Field on October 30th. Yordana Ventura will be looking to give the #Royals a commanding 3-0 lead in the World Series on Fox. Check out Sports Illustrated Preview of Game#3 here. See more pictures here.

#LetsGoRoyals and #TakeTheCrown

EMV Credit Cards
Facts about the new trend in credit cards

If you’ve been looking into getting a new credit card lately, you may have heard the term EMV credit card and wondered what it meant. This new trend has been gaining popularity in the United States over the past few years, but it is already firmly established internationally. The following information can help you understand the basics of EMV credit cards and how they can benefit you.

Safest Ways to Send Money Online
Safety should always be a priority

By now, you have no doubt heard about or seen in action a mobile payment. The idea of paying someone using just your computer or smartphone is relatively new, but there are already plenty of options out there for consumers, and those options have been tried and reviewed by many consumers and professionals alike. Here are some details on a few of the most tried-and-true options for sending money online.
5 Foods You Didn’t Know Contained So Much Sugar
Stay away from these five surprisingly sugar-laden foods

It’s no secret that the amount of sugar you consume affects your overall weight and belly size, but why exactly is that? Men’s Fitness Magazine reports that people who eat too much sugar usually take in more calories than they are able to exercise away–and it’s not just the obvious suspects such as soda and chocolate that cause people to pack on the pounds. There are many foods that people eat every day that contain more sugar than expected.

Auto Insurance Buying Mistakes to Avoid
Having insurance doesn’t mean you have to pay through the roof

Everyone knows that having the right insurance is crucial in the event of the unforeseen, but that doesn’t mean all insurance is the same. A few helpful tips can help make sure you don’t pay more than you need to.
Can Your Business Benefit From a Line of Credit?
The basic benefits of a business line of credit

If you are a small business owner, money is probably never far from the front of your mind. This is especially true if you operate a business in a field that commonly experiences seasonal or other cyclical shifts in expenses or income that can lead to temporary cash flow issues. Fortunately, funding opportunities are available for situations just like this, and one of the most common is a business line of credit.
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