February 2016
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Family Math Night
by Sarah Cousineau

Find something that has symmetryÖ..find something that has a patternÖ..find a number in the teens - these were some of the challenges in our Bingo/Scavenger Hunt at Garfieldís Family Math Night. Thursday, February 18th, Central Bank was happy to join the fun at this Garfield Elementary event. Read on to be able to find and print off the Scavenger hunt so you can play the game at home.

Late to the Retirement Savings Party?
Simple first steps for those nearing retirement age but donít have savings

A recent survey of near-retirees by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and Greenwald and Associates found that around one-third of workers have less than $1,000 saved up for retirement. Saving often and early is the best advice given for retirement planning, but what happens if you are part of that one-third of workers already stumbling upon retirement with little to no nest egg? There are a number of ways to get your savings started. Here are just three of the most basic:

Knowing When Itís Time to Get Life Insurance
Three times when obtaining life insurance is a good idea

Life insurance. Itís not a fun thing to think about, nor is it a fun thing to purchase, but it is crucial if you want to successfully plan for a solid financial future for your family.

Understanding Your Blood Pressure Reading
How to better understand if you are at risk for or are suffering from high blood pressure

If one of your resolutions for 2016 is to get your health in order and take steps to improve your overall quality of life, there are certain factors that you will want to consider.

Small Ways to Save That Add Up
These little things could mean big savings for your business

What business doesnít wish it could have just a little more money? Running a company is no inexpensive task, and cutting costs is essential to ensuring that youíre gaining profits. Thatís why itís important to put saving money on the top of your priority list.

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