March 2016
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Money Smart KC Kickoff Events
Friday, April 1st - No foolin'
by Sarah Cousineau

Map Your Financial Future at Money Smart KC's Kickoff Events at 6 locations throughout the KC Metro tomorrow - Friday, April 1, 2016!

There are going to be lots of fun activities:
  • Check into the $Money Minutes sessions - Six 15-minute sessions
    • Understanding Credit, Spending Smart, Choosing a Financial Institution, Setting Financial Goals, Avoiding Financial Traps, and Creating a Budget
  • Enter to win prizes(a Kindle Fire and Walmart Gift card)
  • Experience our fun $100,000 bill photo opp.
  • Take away some fun Money Smart KC items
  • Find free MoneySmart tools and resources
  • Enjoy light refreshments
All events are family-friendly, FREE and open to the public. Chart your course to the nearest location shown in the full story.


Money Smart Day
Saturday, April 2nd at the Downtown KC Library
by Sarah Cousineau

Come join us at the eighth annual Money Smart Day which takes place on Saturday, April 2 at the Downtown KC Public Library. More than a dozen free sessions and programs on personal finance will be offered - Central Bank of KC will be presenting an informative session on Top Personal Finance Apps. Besides the sessions you can access a free copy of your credit report, sign up for a "free financial tune-up" with a financial coach(20 minutes), take the kids to read financial fables and much more. Session titles and more details in the full story.

Donít Let Emotions Get in the Way of Your Financial Decisions
How feelings could sway you, and how to avoid them from doing so

As human beings, we are naturally emotional creatures. Itís only natural that we have a habit of carrying our emotions into various areas of our lives, finances included. However, money and emotions donít mix well.

Shark Tank 2016
High School Competition
by Sarah Cousineau

For the second year, Central Bank of Kansas City is sponsoring the Shark Tank Contest at one of the Money Smart KC Kickoff Events. High school youth will compete this Friday, April 1st at the SE branch of the KC Library. Teams will be given a problem to solve, then create a product idea, a business plan and present it to the local sharks. We have 8 teams competing from Lincoln College Prep High School and Northeast High School. 1st place prize is $250/team member and 2nd place is $125/team member. If you'd like to see the team presentations, please join us at 2:45pm.

Movie Magic: 5 Things You Didnít Know About Pixar
Discover some of the magical secrets of your favorite animation studio

In the last 20 years, Pixar Animation Studios has become a household name.

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