July 2016
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Central Bank Staff Serves Families
At Ronald McDonald House & KC Hospice House
by Sarah Cousineau
This summer, Central Bank of Kansas City staff cooked and served meals to families at Ronald McDonald House and KC Hospice House: both events are part of the Harmon-Huwaldt project (community service honoring bank employees, JoAnn Harmon and Ed Huwaldt).

“Helping these families is part of the mission of a small community bank like ours. There are many families going through difficult times; whether their loved ones are near the end of life or their children are sick and in the hospital. Our staff is committed to doing what they can to better the lives of families like these through our Harmon-Huwaldt Project”, said Bill Dana, president and CEO at Central Bank of KC.

Making a Difference
Two collection drives in July
by Sarah Cousineau

Back to School…. are the three dreaded words for every child enjoying their summer. Well, the Westside Community Action Network (CAN), the WAY Coalition, Ruiz Library along with Tony Aguirre Center make going Back-to-School fun for kids and their families. The 15th Annual Back To School Pep Rally and Learning Resource Fair will be held on Thursday, August 11th from 4-6pm at the Ruiz Library and surrounding area for the children/families of the Westside Community.
Tracking and Cutting Down on Your Grocery Bill
Simple tips can help you save big

There are many bills you can’t easily control, but your food bill isn’t one of them. Here are a few ways to help track and cut costs.

Careers That Can Help You Pay Back Student Loans
Six jobs that will help you pay for your education

A college graduate from the class of 2016 will leave school with $37,173 in education-related debt, Student Loan Expert Mark Kantrowitz estimated in a May 2016 report for CBS News.
5 Books to Enjoy on Your Beach Vacation
Dive into these books this summer while you’re having fun in the sun

Beach vacations are a time to relax and enjoy life, while taking in the sun and the sea. It’s because of the beach’s relaxing atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to enjoy a good book this summer.

Plan a Vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
What to do, where to stay and what to eat in Jackson Hole

Located in the valley between Wyoming’s Teton Mountain Range and Gros Ventre Range, Jackson Hole got its name from the mountain men who had to descend down steep slopes to reach it.
Small Business Creditworthiness
Demonstrating and improving your business’s creditworthiness

One of the most important aspects of receiving funding for your small business is demonstrating your creditworthiness to lenders. Here is some information that will help you determine how to demonstrate and improve your creditworthiness.
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