October 2017
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Aging Mastery Program
at Don Bosco Senior Center
We love partnering with the Don Bosco Senior Center. That’s why we said, “Yes”, when asked to present a session of the Aging Mastery Program (AMP). On October 13th, Sarah Cousineau, Marketing and Community Outreach Director presented the Financial Fitness session of the Aging Mastery Program to a group of smart seniors enrolled in the AMP classes at Don Bosco.
Back to School Pep Rally
Carrying on a Legacy

It was August 2002, and the Westside Community Action Network (CAN) wanted to have an event that helped kids prepare for the school year by providing backpacks, supplies and other necessities that are needed before school starts. So, the Westside CAN Center created the Back to School Pep Rally held each year in early August. It quickly became successful, not only in providing these important items for needy kids, but as a real community event, where families were able to have fun, eat dinner, and learn about resources in the community.


Fall Lawn Maintenance
Protect your lawn’s future with these fall lawn care to-dos

In order for your lawn to be protected throughout fall and winter and vibrant and lush in spring, you need to continue your lawn care through the autumn.

How to Save for Retirement on a Budget
Finding ways to save for the long-term without going broke in the short-term

Retirement is something that many people don’t think about until the very last minute. Fortunately, there are plenty of programs and services that help people take the money that they earn now and set it aside for their retirement years.

Trick or Treat Safety Tips
Keep your children safe this Halloween with these nine strategies

Halloween should be high on spooky fun and low on safety hazards. Keep your family protected on …

Importance of Breast Cancer Screenings
Breast cancer screenings help detect breast cancer before you even notice it

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, according to the American Cancer Society, breast …

4 Popular Blockbusters Worth Watching Again
You won’t regret watching these movies two or three more times

The following films are perfect for an end of the year movie round-up session and are definitely …

How to Turn Your Talents into a Small Business Venture
Your hobbies can also be your job if you approach it with the mindset of an entrepreneur

Nearly any interest you have can be seen as a business opportunity. There are gaps in every …

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