November 2017
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Community Development
Did you know that Central Bank of Kansas City has always been involved in community development in our local neighborhoods as well as across the region? Through projects like Linwood Area Ministry Place (LAMP), the Academy for Integrated Arts and Harvester’s we’ve played a role in restoring historical buildings, converting bowling alleys into schools and providing additions and buildings to expand the capacity of an area food pantry.
New Walk-Up ATM & Remodel
Pardon Our Dust

Have you checked out our walk-up ATM right on Independence Avenue?  It is located on the Northwest corner of our building for your added convenience.  Also, if you’ve visited inside our main branch in the last month, you’ve seen some changes - we’re painting, updating carpet and making other improvements to our branch. Please pardon our dust while we are in the process of this remodel.
Security Warning Signs When Shopping Online
Remove the stress from shopping online by following these key shopping safety tips

For every trusted online retailer out there, there is a different website that is certainly not as safe or secure. Online security is always something to be concerned about, and this is even truer when money is involved. Keep an eye out for these warning signs and how to respond to them in an appropriate way.

Choosing the Best Renters Insurance Policy
What’s the best renters insurance policy for you?

Whether it’s a busted pipe that floods your apartment, smoke damage from a neighbor’s kitchen fire or a broken window caused by a windstorm, renter’s insurance can mitigate your risk of losing valuable possessions due to events outside your control.

9 Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep
Enjoy deeper rest with these sleep strategies

It is common knowledge that each adult should aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night. …

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
Prepare your home for the woes of winter

Discover how you can protect your home from the harsh temperatures and conditions that cold …

Best Board Games for Large Groups
Coordinate an epic game night with these large-group board games

The philosophy of “the more the merrier” plays exceptionally well when it comes to board games. …

What to Look for in Your Business Insurance Policy
Know what coverage you need before you sign on the dotted line

When starting a small business, finding the right insurance policy is one of the most important …

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