December 2017
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Donation Exceeds Goal

$158,977 was the amount raised this year for Segs4Vets from the Missouri Banker’s Association fundraising effort. This more than doubled the goal of $75,000 set for this year. Many banks contribute to this fund from all over Missouri. Central Bank of KC had a special part in this fundraising goal this year, as a large portion of this donation was made through our New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program. Each for profit beneficiary of a NMTC project that benefits from the tax credits are required to give part of that benefit back to a worthy non-profit of our choice here at CBKC . We chose Segs4Vets as the beneficiary of the $55,000 donation for this particular project.

It's a Time of Giving

Giving back is something that is very important to us here at Central Bank of KC(CBKC) as it is with most of the community. This year we partnered with Operation Breakthrough and Catholic Charities of KC-St. Joseph adopting two families for Christmas. Some of the staff at the bank played Santa and purchased new toys, clothes, books and gift cards for a single dad with two boys and another family of a single mom with 3 boys. Late last week, we actually had enough funds to add another 12 year old child to our Christmas list.

Benefits of Bundling Insurance
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Teaching Your Kids the Basics of Finances
Teach kids about money early so they can be finance-savvy as they grow

Learning how to handle, where to invest, and what not to do with money are skills everyone needs to be successful in life. The earlier kids are introduced to smart money-management practices, the better prepared they’ll be to handle their finances when they leave the nest. Teaching your kids how to protect their money is a lesson with unlimited value.

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