September 2018
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Snack Drive
Garfield Elementary

Right after our Back to School Drive, we collected snacks for a local elementary school, Garfield Elementary at 436 Prospect.  We placed bins on all floors and staff/customers donated items like jell-o cups, applesauce, granola bars, peanut butter and crackers, fruit snacks, etc.  Childhood is a critical time for growth and development, and snacks provide important nutrients that these students need between meals. We delivered two large boxes of snacks to Garfield Elementary in early September.

Aging Mastery Program
at Don Bosco Senior Center

Don Bosco Senior Center asked Central Bank to be involved in their Aging Mastery Program – a series of classes that offers a comprehensive and fun approach to living that celebrates the gift of longevity. We presented the financial fitness session in 2017, presented it again in August of this year, and will present one more time this year in October.

How to Create a Food Budget
Frugal grocery-buying strategies to minimize monthly expenses

While food expenses are a necessary component of any monthly budget, there are practical ways to reduce food costs. In this article, get the lowdown on creating a monthly food budget, as well as other steps you can take to stick to personal savings goals in this area.

What to Know When Buying or Building a Fire Pit
Tips to help you buy or build the best and safest fire pit possible

By incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor decor, you can spend more evenings roasting …

What to Do with All Those Photos You Took
Make the most out of your digital photos with these projects

You probably have hundreds of photos from your vacation, an event or just your daily activities in …
Starting Up a Business on Etsy
Etsy gives you the chance to make a living doing what you love

Starting your own business is an exciting endeavor, and with popular digital platforms like Etsy …
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