May 2019
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What are Your Savings Goals?
Students learn about saving

Central Bank of KC visited 6 urban classrooms with a fun lesson about saving, as part of a program called Teach Children to Save (TCTS). TCTS is a program that is organized by the American Banker’s Association and locally by the Federal Reserve Bank of KC.  The first and second graders were excited to hear the stories we read about saving money - The Berenstain Bears Trouble with Money (2nd grade) and Start Saving Henry (1st grade). We visited four classrooms at Scuola Vita Nuova, and two classrooms at Garfield Elementary.

Lead to Read
Reading with Buddies

Central Bank has always supported Lead to Read and their mission to help urban KC children become better readers. This year, we just finished our 7th year volunteering for this worthwhile mission. We have had reading buddies at Wendell Phillips, Phillips@Attucks and Garfield Elementary. Lead to Read started eight years ago in just a couple of classrooms. In the 2018-19, the program has grown to over 1,100 volunteers who read to students in 53 urban classrooms providing more than 500 hours of literacy support each week.

Photography Apps for Your Phone
Filter or no filter, these apps will make your pictures pop

Taking photographs with your smartphone is just a way of life, whether it’s celebrating a night out with your best friend or chronicling a well-earned vacation with your partner. To really capture a moment and make a perfect social media post, these photography apps will come in handy.

How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Summer Break
Activities to keep kids from crying of boredom during summer break

A kid’s dream of summer fun (and a parent’s hope for quiet) can quickly morph into fits of boredom and complaining. But with these suggestions, your kids will be busy, entertained and happy.

Road Trip Finance Tips
Seven strategies for managing your money before and during a trip

With a little pre-planning and self-discipline, it’s easy to stay financially healthy on a road trip. Here are seven tips for saving money and ensuring that your money stays safe during your travels.

What is Spear Phishing?
How hackers use personal information to scam you

With the pervasiveness of email and instant messaging, phishing scams are an unfortunate reality in modern life. It’s important to know how to spot these scams and how to avoid falling prey to them.

How to Read and Understand Nutrition Labels
How to decipher the language of nutrition labels

You know it’s important to read the labels on the food you buy because they reveal whether or not your choice is healthy, but honestly, a nutrition label can be confusing.
Choosing the Right Credit Card for Your Business
Learn the basics of business credit cards

Before choosing a card for your company, make sure you understand how it works, how your business will use it and what its potential perks and costs will be.
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