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September 2012
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More Employers Opting for Health Savings Accounts
According to the August 30, 2012 American Bankers Association’s Health Savings Account Update, the use of health savings accounts (HSAs) picked up steam locally and nationally during the last two years, as employers increasingly transitioned to high-deductible policies for employee health coverage to control costs.
In the annual health care cost survey conducted by the Alliance for Health and The Employers Association, 39% of responding employers indicated they now offer a health savings account as a coverage option for employees. That’s up from 30% in 2011.

Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse
You, or someone you know, could become the victim of a growing crime in America – financial abuse of older Americans.
Elder financial abuse is a crime that deprives older folks of their resources and ultimately their independence and their health. Anyone who sees signs of theft, fraud, misuse of a person’s assets or credit, or use of undue influence to gain control of an older person’s money or property should be on the alert. Those are signs of possible exploitation. 

Mortgage Protection Insurance
YES, It's Important!

What is Mortgage Protection Insurance? It protects your mortgage payment if your earning power is lost due to death, sickness, or becoming hurt. 
What would happen if you lost your ability to work and the people that depended on you were left with a mortgage payment they could not make? The answer is simple; if the ability to pay the mortgage is lost, the home could also be lost due to foreclosure.

Protecting Your Small Business from Fraud

Corporate account takeover is the name of a type of fraud where thieves gain access to the finances of a business to make unauthorized transactions, including transferring funds from the company, creating and adding new fake employees to payroll, and stealing sensitive customer information that may not be recoverable.

Elder Abuse Prevention Expo
Stacey Clemens & Wendy Broesamle
On Thursday, August 9th, County National Bank participated in the Hillsdale County Senior Services Center’s “Elder Abuse Prevention Expo”. Stacey Clemens, CNB Assistant Vice President – Compliance Officer, and Wendy Broesamle, CNB Hillsdale Branch Officer, made a presentation to a group of expo attendees about protecting the elderly from financial abuse. 


Back to School: Five Chapter Books for Kids
Ready, set, read

When young readers are ready to begin taking on chapters of their own, few things are better than a new chapter book that piques their interest. Start September off right with a new chapter book or two, and get those neurons firing just in time for the new school year.
Natural Cleaning Products
Making the change back to simple, time-tested cleaning solutions

As consumers learn more about the unknown toxins that may be lurking in their cleaning products, more families are making their own natural cleaning products. The ingredients are simple, safe and well-tested. As a bonus, natural cleaning products are also significantly less expensive than their commercial counterparts. When it comes to natural products, five items that you probably already have on hand stand out for their cleaning properties.
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