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November 2012
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Best of Jackson Awards
We’re excited! The readers of Jackson Magazine have asked that County National Bank be listed on the official voting ballot for the 2013 Best of Jackson awards in the category of Best Bank. 
Please vote for us online at or use one of the official ballots in the October, November, or December issue of Jackson Magazine. Voting ends on December 21, 2012, and the winners will be profiled in the March issue.
Thank you for your business and your support! 

Smartphones and Identity Theft
According to a Javelin Strategy and Research survey, identity fraud (the misuse of illegally obtained personal information) in the United States increased by 13% in 2011, with more than 11.6 million adults becoming victims. What’s even more frightening is that the personal information that you store on your smartphone is now a tempting target for ID thieves (a smartphone is a mobile phone with enhanced capabilities that are similar to those found on a personal computer). 

Careers in Banking
by Diane K. Clow, Vice President - Director of Human Resources

The Bank occasionally hosts tours for high school and middle school students. At the end of the tour students are asked, “What are the different jobs you know of in banking?” The obvious is typically mentioned – president, teller, lender, because these are the jobs that have been visible to students and customers, when they have come to the bank.


Business Credit Cards

The options of Visa® Business Credit Cards offer the flexibility to separate business from personal expenses, access to free spending reports, and the purchasing power you need to manage your business – all with the security that comes with every Visa® Business Credit Card.


Art Students Create Display for Jonesville Office

Five students of Jonesville High School art instructor, John Loveless, designed, built, and installed a fall display for the space in front of the CNB office in downtown Jonesville. The bank and the art class formed a partnership a few years ago and their artistic creations have been proudly displayed in front of the bank ever since. 


Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain
Try these eight simple tips to keep your waistline in check without depriving yourself

Every holiday season, we’re surrounded with tempting treats from Halloween through the New Year: overflowing candy pails, lavish holiday feasts, decadent desserts, calorie-laden (and delicious) drinks. And after months of indulging, our waistlines often show it. So how can you enjoy the tastes of the season without packing on the pounds?

Water Saving Tips
A few simple changes can result in significant savings on your utility bills

Conserving water saves both energy and money. When less water is used, your local water treatment plant does not have to expend as much energy recycling it and your water heater uses less gas or electricity to heat the water. When less energy is used, your electric and gas bills may be lower, and your water bill will also see a significant decrease.

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