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April 2013
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CNB E-coBanking
E-Statements and Other Paperless Services

CNB E-coBanking refers our bundle of paperless services such as online banking, electronic statements (e-statements), bill pay, direct deposit, ATM/debit cards, and online mortgage applications. Offering paperless services greatly helps to reduce paper consumption and, as a result, deforestation. With Earth Day celebrated on April 22nd, this is an important and timely topic of discussion.
According to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research, if every U.S. household stopped receiving paper bills and statements, 687,000 tons of paper would be saved every year – enough to circle the Earth 239 times. 


Donald J. Calbert Retires from Jackson Advisory Board

Donald J. Calbert, President of the Commander Group in Jackson, retired from County National Bank’s Jackson Advisory Board this April. The Jackson Advisory Board, of which Mr. Calbert was a charter member, was formed in 2001 with local influential business people. The Jackson Advisory Board has been instrumental in CNB’s success and growth in the Jackson market, and Don’s tenure on the board from June of 2001 until April of 2013 is greatly appreciated


Tip of the Month
Money Saving Tip

Use less. Waste is a huge problem in our society. If we could all use and consume less, there would be less waste and less power consumption. What’s the benefit for you? SAVING MONEY! Consider using less shampoo, turning the thermostat down, and turning off lights, tvs, and computers when not in use. It’s good for our planet and the other people on it.

Don Germann Named Citizen of the Year
Don Germann
Don Germann

Congratulations to Don Germann, Branch Officer of the Jonesville CNB office, on being named Jonesville’s Citizen of the Year!

Event Reminder
Art, Collectibles, and Antiques Program
The program, "Art, Collectibles, and Antiques", will be presented on Saturday, April 20th, at 2:00pm at the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson.  Call 517-768-0043 to register to learn about what you own and how to protect it.
Outlook on Agriculture
by Ronald J. Haber, 2nd VP Commercial Loans

Over the past several years, yields and prices for crops have seen historic numbers driven by increased demand for ethanol plants and exporting. This increase in prices has driven up profits for the farmer, and has even left some farmers flush with cash looking to purchase equipment or additional property. The opposite could be said for livestock farmers who rely on buying feed – their feed cost to revenue has resulted in reduced margins over the past few years, which also has forced some livestock farmers to reduce their herds or get out of the livestock business altogether.   


Celebrating Earth Day
Observe this environmental holiday by cleaning up the world around you

Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22 since 1970. The day is designated as a way to acknowledge the environment and consider ways to make the earth a healthier place to live.

Sports Films That Will Inspire You
Not-to-miss uplifting classics

Some sports films are for everyone. From men to women to kids of all ages, there is something inspiring to be found in many sports movies. Whether it is a story of an underdog or the true-life story of a favorite team, sports films are often not about athletics — they are often joyful and positive parables about life.

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