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May 2013
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Why Museums Are Important

Chances are you have walked the halls and rooms of a museum at least once in your life, whether you were on a class trip or a vacation with your family. A visit to a museum is always an opportunity to learn about exciting people, cultures, history, and art. You may even learn something new about yourself.
A museum allows the public to explore collections for inspiration, learning, and enjoyment. The importance of museums lies in their role as a nation’s memory bank. Probably what matters most is that they are the only source of “living history” and perhaps an insight to the future world that lies before us.


Did You Know?
All Bank Accounts Are Not Created Equal

Did You Know? When it comes to transactions, all bank accounts are not created equal. There are “transaction accounts”, such as checking accounts that offer unlimited transactions in virtually any form. Then there are “non-transaction accounts” that are intended to foster fewer transactions. Federal law limits the transactions that can be made on savings and money market accounts, which fall into this category.

Teach Children to Save
Open a CNB Savings Account Today!
Teach Children to Save is a national campaign that promotes the partnership between banks and schools by teaching and helping young people develop lifelong savings habits. The 2013 annual awareness day, Teach Children to Save Day, was Tuesday, April 23rd.
Meet Michelle Caldwell
Michelle Caldwell
Michelle Caldwell

Michelle Caldwell is the Branch Officer at the Litchfield Office of County National Bank. She is responsible for managing the staff, making consumer loans, and handling business development in the Litchfield market. She assists customers with all of their banking needs, as well.

Tip of the Month
Reviewing Your Will & Estate Plan
by CNB Trust & Investment Services
It’s important to review your will and estate plan annually. At a minimum, a thorough reading of your documents should be done every 5 years. This will uncover updates that need to be made based on changes in life (i.e. change in debt or net worth, children grown, new children or grandchildren, changes in charitable desires, etc.).
CNB Remote Deposit
Check out CNB Remote Deposit for Your Business!
With CNB Remote Deposit, you can scan checks and deposit them into your account – without having to leave your office!

CNB Remote Deposit is a service that allows you to scan checks at your place of business. The resulting scanned images are sent to the bank electronically to be deposited into your account. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Make the Most of Your Spring Walks
Turn a stroll into a strength training workout

Springtime is here and let’s face it: walking is one of the most leisurely and often preferred way to enjoy the season’s changing scenery and warmer, fresh air. It’s also a great way to squeeze in some cardiovascular activity.

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