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April 2017
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With online shopping becoming the norm, people have also become more susceptible to identity theft. Itís imperative that you be careful and mindful of how you shop online.

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Three Things You Need to Do to Your Student Loans Right Now
Stay ahead of this big expense

Recent college graduates already have enough on their plates worrying about getting a job and supporting themselves ó the last thing they want to do is stress over student loan repayment. For most, paying off student loans takes a long time, so no matter where you are in that process, there are three things you should stop and do right now.
Your Financial Institution Is Still Your Best Bet
Community financial institutions canít be beat when it comes to loans

From crowdsourcing to credit cards, there are myriad options to sift through when trying to finance your business. But as the saying goes, ďif it ainít broke donít fix itĒ ó and that holds true with business lending. Getting a loan from your local financial institution is still a top choice for small business owners for a variety of reasons.
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Healthy Body Healthy Pocketbook

Investing During Retirement
Smart strategies for retirees

There is more at stake when you are investing during retirement because you no longer have an income that can make up for potential losses. During your working years, you could make up for investment setbacks by adding extra hours to your work schedule or postponing retirement. But going back to work is typically not an option for retirees, so caution is needed.
The Dangers of DIY Projects: Why Itís Best to Get a Loan to Properly Pay for Work
Why youíre better off getting a loan and hiring the experts for your home project

Many homeowners decide to take on an improvement project either because of cost or the desire to do something for themselves. However, sometimes itís best to get a loan and leave the work to the professionals.
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