Always Looking Out For You...And Your Security
September 2017
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Always Looking Out For You...And Your Security

At Dedham Savings, we do everything we can when it comes to protecting the security of your account information. And that includes at our branch ATMs, where we are always on the lookout for scam artists known as "skimmers," who could potentially steal information from the magnetic strip on your card.

Skimming is when a scammer installs a counterfeit card reader on a device to steal another person’s card information during an ATM transaction. It can also occur at point-of-sale machines like the ones you might use when you pump gas or shop at a convenience store. It's important to be diligent about protecting your account information. While nothing is completely foolproof, at Dedham Savings we're attempting to ward off skimmers by installing the ActivEdge Skim Guard system at all of our branch ATMs in September and October of 2017.

Once our machines have been retrofitted with new ActivEdge card readers, when you use your card at a Dedham Savings ATM, you'll insert it "long edge first," where it will be read inside the machine, thereby reducing the possibility that a skimmer might steal your information by installing a counterfeit reader on the exterior of the ATM.

We’re dedicated to doing our best to protect your information and with the addition of the ActivEdge system you’ll now enjoy having an additional security guard when you use our branch ATMs.

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