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March 2012
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Meet the Face of Dedham Savings: Laura Macs
Assistant Vice President and Westwood Branch Manager

“Meet the Face of Dedham Savings” is a new ongoing, series of profiles on Dedham Savings employees, which allows you to meet the wonderful people that work at Your Bank
Many of you have probably already met Laura Macs, either at the Westwood Branch or at one of the countless community events she participates in either for Dedham Savings or the Rotary Club of Westwood. Laura truly represents the values of Dedham Savings in her hard work ethic, her kind and helpful way with people and her passion for the communities the Bank serves. 
Laura began working at Dedham Savings in August, 1980. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, Laura had been working as a substitute teacher and looking for a full time teaching job during the challenging job environment of the late ‘70s.    


Almost There: What to Do 10 Years, 5 Years and 1 Year before Retirement
Timing is an important part of the planning process

Photo: Almost There: What to Do 10 Years, 5 Years and 1 Year before Retirement
Retirement planning isnít just about saving money until you reach your ideal retirement age. Itís about strategic lifestyle decisions and making certain moves with your savings and assets for years before you reach retirement. Here are some guidelines you should consider:

Credit Cards and Your Teen
Help your child understand the responsibility of revolving credit

Photo: Credit Cards and Your Teen
Watching your child become more financially independent is both exciting and rewarding. Building a good credit history is an important part of this process; it will help your teen get approved for loans, car insurance and apartment rental applications, and it also can negatively or positively impact his chances of getting hired for a job.

E-bills Are Here, But Are You Ready?
How to determine whether paperless billing is right for you

Photo: E-bills Are Here, But Are You Ready?
Everywhere you look today, technology is eliminating the need for paper. Think about it: You can read newspapers online, communicate with friends and family members anywhere in the world without writing letters, and even apply for jobs without sending or mailing in applications.

Banking on Better Cash Flow
Ask what your financial institution can do for you

Photo: Banking on Better Cash Flow
What makes a business successful?
Is it having the right products and services? Hiring top-notch employees? 
According to, cash flow is one of the most important components of success for small and mid-sized businesses. In fact, without the available cash to pay suppliers when they need to be paid, profits can be meaningless.


Donít Miss Your Chance to Win!
$250 Cash OR Red Sox Tickets

In celebration of the “Launch of All Things New at Dedham Savings”, we are running two online raffles. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win: 
  • Visit our redesigned website at for a chance to win $250. Contest details are on our homepage.
  • For your chance to win a pair of Red Sox tickets (date TBA), visit Dedham Savings’ Facebook Page,“like us” and tell us what’s important for you to find on our Facebook page. Contest details are on the Contest Event Page


Celebrate Walpole's Reopening with Us
March 12th-17th, 2012

We hope you have had a chance to visit our newly renovated Walpole Office at 1428 Main Street to check out our new look, complete with internet cafe and digital signs.  If you have not had an opportunity to come see us yet, we hope you will mark your calendar for an upcoming, celebratory week long event from March 12th-17th.   


5 Top Rides for Road Trips
These vehicles will get you coast to coast and everywhere in between

Photo: 5 Top Rides for Road Trips
Thereís no better way to see Americaís beautiful, diverse landscapes than by going on a road trip. But whether youíre cruising solo or with family and friends, what youíre driving is just as important as where youíre driving.

Green Animals
Inadvertently eco-friendly animals

Photo: Green Animals
With all the stresses of modern life, going green can sometimes seem like a daunting task, which makes what you are about to read seem like a bit of a boast on behalf of the animal kingdom. You see, while you are slaving away over your compost pile, these animals are going green without any effort whatsoever.

How to Take Perfect Pics
Use these tips to sharpen your photography skills

Photo: How to Take Perfect Pics
Photographs help us capture memories and see through the eyes of others. Professional photographers may have advanced equipment, but that doesnít mean you canít take great pictures with your own camera at home and on the road. With the right techniques, youíll be a pro in no time.

No Excuses!
Seven ways to stop procrastinating.

Photo: No Excuses!
The seconds are counting down; a single bead of sweat drips down your face. Your hands are moving at a feverish pace, but it doesnít seem fast enough. Can you get it done? No! Because you procrastinated and now youíre out of luck (and time). Luckily, with these helpful tips, you can avoid this situation and learn to get things done on time.

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