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January 2013
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Thank You for another Wonderful Holiday Program!
Pictured here are Andrew Smith, vocals, and Jack Hoffman, guitar, who performed on Friday, December 14th at Dedham Savings Annual Holiday Program.

All of us at Dedham Savings would like to thank those who participated in our most recent Holiday Program. From listening to holiday music to donating to some very worthy causes, you made our 29th Annual Holiday Program, our best year yet! From December 10th -15th, the Elm Street office was filled with sounds of holiday cheer from performers such as Bill McCoy, who put a Country twist on some holiday classics, Dedham Country Day School, Ursuline Academy Choral Group, the Westwood Swing Band, the Roland Hayes School of Music, in addition to many more! The festive scene was made complete by the sweet aroma of warm cider and munchkins, easing the pain of the chilly weather outside.


Golf Provides Retirement Planning Lessons
Strategies for creating a sound financial future are right there in the game

Photo: Golf Provides Retirement Planning Lessons
In most peopleís minds, golf and retirement go hand in hand. Itís simply assumed that once full-time work is left behind, men and women will take to the links for relaxing exercise. That may be true, but the sport also contains a few financial lessons for those in the retirement planning phase.

Six Myths About Credit Cards
Financial knowledge will set you free

Photo: Six Myths About Credit Cards
Credit cards can be an incredibly valuable part of your financial toolbox. With the amount of credit card advice offered on the Internet or by friends and family, it can be difficult to separate fact from reality. Suggestions about the best way to cook eggs so that the shells peel off easily or chop an onion without crying may contain more fiction than fact, but these innocent pieces of misinformation arenít especially harmful. Credit card myths, on the other hand, can be damaging. Here are six credit card myths that you may have heard before and maybe even repeated. The corresponding facts will clear up the confusion:

Find the Right Financing
Loans, grants and venture capital are all possibilities for your small business

Photo: Find the Right Financing Acquiring financing for a small business is an important step for start-ups and those looking to grow, not to mention companies that need to cover costs during a slow time of year. But every company is different, as is every small-business owner, so thatís why itís important to know your options Ė including loans, grants and venture capital Ė when it comes to financing.

Five Tax Updates for Filing Your 2012 Taxes
Stay up to date with available tax credits and deductions

Whether you are filing a tax return for the first time or have been filing for decades, itís important to understand that tax laws change from one year to the next. Keeping up with current tax laws can help you take advantage of available credits and deductions, while also avoiding possible penalties.

Vail, Colorado
Pristine powder meets luxurious accommodations in this popular resort town

Vail covers 5,500 acres in Colorado, making it the largest single-mountain ski resort in the country. The rich and famous take to its slopes, as do plenty of locals. You can vacation in style at this wonderful winter playground.

Going Green with Food
Purchasing locally sourced ingredients can lead to a healthier and more environmentally responsible lifestyle

More and more people are becoming aware of the environment and making a conscious effort to become more responsible. Without exception, food is one of the most important ways consumers can live a more efficient (and often healthier) lifestyle. A few simple changes can yield big results in your budget, health and environmental footprint.

Tax Incentives for Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
Consumers can take advantage of federal and state tax credits

Photo: Tax Incentives for Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles With federal tax credits that can reach as high as $7,500 and additional tax rebates available from many states, purchasing an electric or electric/hybrid vehicle is an attractive option for many savings-minded individuals, not to mention those wanting to decrease their impact on the environment.

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