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Don't Give Away Details About Yourself

You know not to give out your passwords so you should be safe, right?  Not if you’re giving hackers a way into your account through the backdoor by giving out answers to common security questions! You would never do this on purpose but it’s happening all the time through seemingly harmless social media quizzes and posts.

In a recent article published by Brian Krebs ( readers are warned “Don’t Give Away Historic Details About Yourself”.

“Social media sites are littered with seemingly innocuous little quizzes, games and surveys urging people to reminisce about specific topics, such as “What was your first job,” or “What was your first car?” The problem with participating in these informal surveys is that in doing so you may be inadvertently giving away the answers to “secret questions” that can be used to unlock access to a host of your online identities and accounts.

On the surface, these simple questions may be little more than an attempt at online engagement by otherwise well-meaning companies and individuals. Nevertheless, your answers to these questions may live in perpetuity online, giving identity thieves and scammers ample ammunition to start gaining backdoor access to your various online accounts.

Not only are people publicly answering these common security questions they are doing it from their profiles, and by doing so they linked their profile to the answer. So now Hackers have your First and last Name and other information that may be publicly available on your profile such as Hometown, or Current city (which will help them figure out your Zip Code).

The article also suggests if you have a site that requires security questions you should NOT answer them truthfully.  Just make sure you have a method for remembering your phony answer, in case you forget the lie somewhere down the road.

Hackers are sneaky and smart and will never give up trying to find ways to steal your information! The best way to protect yourself is to be careful about what you share and where you share it.

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