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May 2017
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Uniquely Thursdays
In Burlington Park, Hinsdale

Click for more details! We are proud to announce that we will be one of the sponsors for the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce's Uniquely Thursdays summer concert series!

Uniquely Thursdays is a set of 10 concerts featuring live bands every Thursday night from June 15th and running through August 17th. All concerts will be held in Burlington Park, Hinsdale, and will run from 6pm to 9pm, weather permitting.

This is Evergreen's first year participating and we are excited to go all out! Be sure to stop by our tent during any of the concerts to enter our gift card raffle, grab our weekly Evergreen branded giveaway, and learn more about our banking products, services and amenities. We'll also have a 2 foot tall spinning prize wheel for the kids - where everyone is a winner! 

To see a full list of bands performing at Uniquely Thursdays, please click here.

Team Evergreen at the Pink 5k
OBPD Pink 5k
On Saturday May 13th, Team Evergreen showed their support for the Oak Brook Park District's Pink 5k. This year's event benefitted the Open Arms- Hinsdale Hospital Foundation's Breast Cancer Outreach Fund. The Foundation utilizes the … [FULL STORY]
Budgeting for Your First Home
Tips for boosting your credit, building a budget and acknowledging hidden costs

If you have made the decision to purchase your first home, you will likely encounter a number of questions throughout the process. Perhaps no question is as important as that of how you plan to pay for it. [FULL STORY]
Energy- and Money-Saving Home Improvement Projects
Eco-friendly and financially responsible upgrades for your house

Energy costs are a huge expense for home dwellers these days, so people are always looking for various ways to be more energy-efficient within the home while also not draining their bank accounts. [FULL STORY]
Estimating Your Future Social Security Benefits
Plan more effectively for retirement by calculating potential Social Security benefits

Whether you are nearing retirement age or just entering the workforce, it is important to have an estimate of how much your future Social Security benefits will be. Fortunately, you donít have to wait until you are ready to start collecting… [FULL STORY]
Small Business Insurance 101
The basics of business insurance

Insurance for a small business comes in many forms, and finding the best solution for your business requires some serious consideration. No business owner wants to waste money, and itís true that not every business needs every type of … [FULL STORY]
5 Amazon Prime Originals You Need to See
Entertain yourself by watching one of these Amazon Prime original programs

Ranging from the hilarious to the harrowing, the series from Amazon Prime are some of the most diverse in the world of entertainment today. [FULL STORY]
Yoga Poses for More Restful Sleep
Feel well-rested with the help of these poses

Insomnia affects adults nationwide and, according to the Center for Disease Control, can have damaging effects on overall health. One way to battle those sleepless nights is to practice these simple, relaxing yoga poses before bedtime. [FULL STORY]
Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders
How to keep yourself safe when you jump on the bike for the first time

If you are riding a motorcycle for the first time this spring, safe operation will be your top priority. To ensure that your first ride goes as smoothly as possible, keep the following tips in mind. [FULL STORY]
Best Veggies for Grilling
Four veggies that should be on your grill this summer

This year, why not add vegetables next to your slabs of seasoned meat? These delicious vegetables are perfect for grilling and will enhance any meal with their robust flavors. [FULL STORY]
12 Best New Nonfiction Reads
Learn something new in these great nonfiction reads

Sourced from the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Bestsellers List and Bustle.com, these nonfiction reads offer unique perspectives, insights and stories that will be unforgettable to readers. [FULL STORY]
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