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January 2018
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Saving for the New Year
Turn over a fresh financial leaf

A new year provides a great opportunity to press the reset button on your financial goals. Whether you are continuing your current resolutions or initiating new ones, here are some strategies to help boost savings and curb expenses in 2018.
Automatic vs. Manual Bill Pay
Here are some of the best ways to utilize automatic and manual payments

The increase of technology in our society is not only seeping into our media and personal tech, but also into our finances. Many of your bills likely allow you to pay online and some will even have an option for automatic payments, with …
Small Business Grants for Women-Owned Businesses
Help your business stand out with a boost from one of these grants

To help women start their own small businesses, improve these statistics and add to the economy, several institutions offer grants to female entrepreneurs.
Stocks vs. Bonds: What’s Right for You?
What mix of stocks and bonds should investors target?
Investors are often advised to diversify their portfolio between stocks and bonds. While both represent different ways to invest in a company, how do they differ and which one is right for you?
5 Nostalgic TV Show Reboots
Take a trip down memory lane with these TV show revivals

When your favorite show is canceled, or you simply grow up and move on, it can be nostalgic to go back and re-watch some of the episodes. But lately, producers have been picking up on consumer nostalgia, bringing back some of our favorite TV series with new …
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