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April 2017
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Whatís your favorite thing to do when the weather starts warming up?
Spring cleaning
Gardening in the yard
Barbecuing with family and friends
Changing your wardrobe over to spring clothes
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Join Evergreen Bank Group at The Pink 5k

Go the distance and help 'fight breast cancer in stride' at the Oak Brook Park District's 7th Annual Pink 5k being held Saturday, May 13th, at 8am.

Runners and walkers, alike, are treated to a CARA and USA Track & Field Certified Course that takes you through the scenic views of the Oak Brook Park District's Central Park.  Each year the number of participants, sponsors, and donated funds has grown. This yearís event will benefit ĎOpen Armsí - Hinsdale Hospital Foundationís Breast Cancer Outreach Fund. The foundation will utilize the donation it receives from The Pink 5K for their 40-40-40 program in October, which will provide 40 free mammograms for 40 women over 40 years of age. Last year, we helped raise over $11,000 to go toward the program. Hopefully this year weíll beat that record!

Itís never too late to sign up as registration is open until the morning of the race. If you are interested in signing up for this year's Pink 5k, or would like more information on the event, click here.

Hinsdale Home Show
At the Hinsdale Community House

EBG at the Hinsdale Home Show
On Saturday, April 22nd, Evergreen Bank Group participated in the Hinsdale Home Show! The event took place at the Hinsdale Community House and brought together businesses with a wide range of expertise. On hand were … [FULL STORY]
Three Things You Need to Do to Your Student Loans Right Now
Stay ahead of this big expense

Recent college graduates already have enough on their plates worrying about getting a job and supporting themselves ó the last thing they want to do is stress over student loan repayment. For most, paying off student loans takes a long time… [FULL STORY]
The Dangers of DIY Projects: Why Itís Best to Get a Loan to Properly Pay for Work
Why youíre better off getting a loan and hiring the experts for your home project

Many homeowners decide to take on an improvement project either because of cost or the desire to do something for themselves. However, sometimes itís best to get a loan and leave the work to the professionals. [FULL STORY]
Investing During Retirement
Smart strategies for retirees

There is more at stake when you are investing during retirement because you no longer have an income that can make up for potential losses. During your working years, you could make up for investment setbacks by adding extra hours to your … [FULL STORY]
Insurance for Your Small Business
5 types of coverage you should consider

The rewards of owning your own business far outweigh the risks ó particularly if you protect yourself from as many risks as possible with a comprehensive insurance plan. These are the five types of insurance you should consider for your … [FULL STORY]
Exercises You Can Do As a Family
Round up the family for these fun workouts

When it comes to balancing family life and work while trying to throw in daily exercise, things can often get incredibly hectic. To combine family time and a workout, try some of these exercises you can all do together. [FULL STORY]
5 Best Video Games to Play With Friends
Itís always more fun to play with friends

There are countless multiplayer games available across all gaming platforms, but some stand out as being more enjoyable to play with friends than others. [FULL STORY]
Accent Wall 101
Tips for creating a proper accent wall that will get people talking

Whether you are sprucing up a new home or reinvigorating a room that seems to have lost its luster, accent walls are a great way to draw eyes and start conversations. [FULL STORY]
7 Signs Youíre Doing Laundry All Wrong
Are you making these common laundry mistakes?

Despite years of laundry experience, there are ďloadsĒ of ways to make mistakes with this chore. If youíre doing any of the following, itís time to change your clothes-cleaning practices. [FULL STORY]
Visit Orlando, Florida
Add some magic to your vacation by making Orlando, Florida, your destination

Even though the cityís theme parks, such as Disney World, are its main draw, they arenít the only reasons to visit Orlando. [FULL STORY]
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