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February 2017
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The Progressive Motorcycle Show Stops In Chicago

Earlier this month, a few bank employees represented our national powersports lending divisions, Performance Finance and FreedomRoad Financial, at the Progressive® International Motorcycle Show®. This year marked the show's 36th Anniversary, with Chicago being the final stop on the 7 city tour. The exhibit was held at the Donald E. Stephens Center in Rosemont and featured the latest bike models and accessories from some of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers.

The sound of revving engines could be heard throughout the entire exhibit hall. 2017 bike models were on full display as well as motorcycle stunts, temporary tattoo booths, professional barbers, a kid's play zone, helmet design artists at work, and live music and entertainment. Those in attendance had the chance to purchase motorcycle gear, accessories, speak with brand representatives, and even vote for the 'Ultimate Builder' in the Custom Bike Show - all in one weekend!

Using a Certificate of Deposit to Teach Your Children about Finances
How a certificate of deposit can be a learning tool

Many experts believe it is important to start kids on the path to financial savviness as early as possible. One fantastic way to do that is by opening a certificate of deposit account for them. [FULL STORY]
The Power of Compound Interest
Why it really pays to invest early in a retirement account

Money in a savings or retirement account grows over time as it earns interest. But the interest rate isn’t the only factor that determines how much it grows; compounding interest helps your funds grow faster because it lets you earn … [FULL STORY]
Social Security Facts vs. Fiction
Myths surrounding Social Security

You’ve seen Social Security pop up on all your paychecks and in many financial guides and news articles over the years, but despite how familiar it may seem, very few people actually know its true history and projected future. Below is some… [FULL STORY]
Consolidating Business Debt
Can debt consolidation benefit your small business?

Savvy small-business owners are always looking for financial solutions to improve their debt situation, lower their expenses and improve their cash flow, and debt consolidation is a move that can potentially help them achieve all three. The… [FULL STORY]
Creative Uses for Your Attic Space
Creative Uses for Your Attic Space

If you have an attic space that is either empty or full of junk, consider these creative uses for your attic space, ranging from a peaceful getaway to an inspiring studio. [FULL STORY]
Indoor Games for Active Children
These fun games will keep the kids occupied

Active kids can get restless pretty easily if they’re cooped up inside the house with nothing to do. To ease the stress of keeping them occupied and pleasant, consider the following indoor games for active children. [FULL STORY]
Low-Carb Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods
How cutting carbs does not necessarily mean cutting out your favorite meals

If one of your resolutions for 2017 has been to shed a few unwanted pounds, then you may have discovered that one of the clearest paths toward that end is reducing your daily intake of carbohydrates. [FULL STORY]
3 Ways to Make Housework More Manageable
A trio of tips for making chores easier to complete

If you are looking to change up the way you do things around the house with an eye for finishing quicker and checking every box on your to-do list, consider the following tips. [FULL STORY]
3 Surprising Uses for Tea Tree Oil
How the oil of tea tree leaves can improve your skin, health and home

Tea tree oil has all kinds of uses, though many people are unaware of its many benefits. Here are a few ways that tea tree oil can help improve your own life. [FULL STORY]
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