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January 2017
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Evergreen Bank In The Classroom

Evergreen In The Classroom We are excited to announce that our 2017 Financial Literacy Program is getting ready to start this February.  Throughout the year, we will be visiting local schools to help educate students on the importance of saving, saving strategies, and positive spending decisions.  Our classroom visits aim to help students identify money management tactics as well as the importance of budgeting towards lifelong financial goals.  We will also discuss the basics of day-to-day banking operations at a pace that coincides with the learning level of each class.

In addition to classroom visits, we also offer free financial literacy services in the form of a fun, online virtual game called MoneyIsland. MoneyIsland can be found right on our website and is a great tool that teaches players the basics of saving, spending, investing and sharing. Real-life principles of financial responsibility are taught through the use of interactive videos, quizzes, and online adventure games.

To learn more about MoneyIsland, or to play today, click here.

Benefits of Applying for Local Scholarships and Grants
With the rising costs of higher education, apply for as many scholarships as possible

A couple hundred dollars from a local scholarship may sound like a drop in the bucket when it comes to paying for college tuition and expenses, but the reality is that every dollar counts and several local scholarships can add up to a … [FULL STORY]
How Online Banking Can Help You Budget Better
Benefits of online banking that can aid in your budgeting process

Online banking can make a personal budget much easier to manage. Enrolling will offer you numerous benefits to constantly ensure that your finances are on track, such as the following: [FULL STORY]
Social Security Tips for Surviving Spouses
Max out your survivor benefits

Social Security survivor benefits are paid to your spouse (or ex-spouse or children in certain circumstances) after you pass away. It sounds simple, but the rules can be complicated. Break it down to ensure your family’s financial security … [FULL STORY]
Establishing Credit for Your Startup
The steps that startups can take to establish credit

Establishing credit for your business is an important part of the startup process. Business credit allows entrepreneurs to stay afloat in temporary periods of low cash flow, fund necessary expenses for growth and build a strong credit … [FULL STORY]
Visit Mackinac Island, Michigan
Bike away your worries on the scenic Mackinac Island

The temperatures may be low right now, but one way to warm yourself up this winter is by planning the trips you will take once spring and summer arrive. One resort area worth exploring is Mackinac Island, a small tourist attraction located on Michigan’s Lake … [FULL STORY]
Simple Ways to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day
How to ensure that you are meeting your fitness goals on a daily basis

Walking 10,000 steps every day might actually be simpler than it seems. It may merely take a steady and consistent approach, requisite motivation and a few simple tricks. [FULL STORY]
7 Best “Best Picture” Winners from Oscars Past
These 7 Oscar-winning films are some of the best

To get you ready for the upcoming 89th Academy Awards ceremony, we’ve put together this list of some of the greatest Best Picture Oscar winners to ever exist. [FULL STORY]
How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe
How to cut your wardrobe down to a few essential items

If your closet is brimming with clothes that you no longer wear or might be saving for another season, consider trimming down and taking the capsule wardrobe approach. [FULL STORY]
Vehicle Details: Top Vehicles That Are Affordable and Cool
A cool ride doesn’t need to break the bank

There are so many choices if you’re looking for a new vehicle that it can be difficult to know where to start. But if your priorities are on coolness and affordability, here are some great options. [FULL STORY]
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