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Naming Contest results – Peer to Peer (P2P) is now Pay a person

Peer to Peer Payment (P2P) is now called Pay a person, and it has the same easy-to-use benefits. Use Pay a person right from your smartphone. It’s convenient and easy to use. For example, you can use it to pay back a friend who picked up the lunch tab. The money goes right to their bank account, so you don’t have to worry about cash. Open your Evergreen Bank Group app on your smartphone and go to Bill Pay. Open Payees, and Pay a person is ready to go. Or if you are on your computer and logged in to Online Banking, open your Bill Pay tab and click Pay a person to begin.

Congratulations to our Name the Product Contest winner, and thank you to all who submitted names!   

  • Don’t have our app? In your smart phone marketplace, search: Evergreen Bank Group – it’s free!
  • Don’t have Online Banking? Visit www.evergreenbankgroup.com and click Online Banking in the upper right corner, then click Enroll.  It’s free with your Evergreen Bank Group checking account.
  • Don’t have Bill Pay?  Log in to Online Banking and click the Bill Pay tab to begin.  It’s that easy!
Evergreen Bank Group
Benefits of Working Out in the Morning
Reasons to consider rising and grinding when the sun comes up
If you find that you’re pressed for time when the evening workout comes calling, consider switching things up and moving your workout to the morning.
Evergreen Bank Group
Protecting Your Business from Malware
Safeguard your company’s data from potential cyber attacks
Malware is a threat to any corporation that stores employee and customer data. Help reduce your business’ risk of confidentiality breaches by implementing these strategies.
Evergreen Bank Group
Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Cake
A sweet, indulgent bake that’s a cinch to make
Everyone loves to bite into a warm, gooey dessert after dinner, but making such a dessert can take a lot of extra time and effort, especially if you’re hosting and feeding a large group of people. There’s a simple solution that most people don’t consider, though: using a slow cooker.
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