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         May 2017

With a flexible-term HOME EQUITY LOAN, you'll have cash right when you need it! Your home is your biggest asset. Capitalize on the value you've built up in your property with a loan to get cash for home improvements, a wedding or vacation, educational expenses, a medical emergency, or other unexpected expenses. PLUS you'll have a chance to WIN a "CRUISE VACATION for TWO!"

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Bangs High Schoolers Welcome First Central
It pays to learn something new everyday!

First Central may be celebrating serving members for 80 years, but meeting possible new members is fun for Brownwood Branch Manager Ethel Cooney and Member Service Representative Mitchell Duttry at Bangs High School! 

Meet First Central's Scholarship Winner Jasmine
College scholarship money presented May 4th during Bellmead Chamber of Commerce 2017 Award Banquet

This year's First Central scholarship recipient is LaVega High School senior Jasmine Iglehart.  She and eight other well deserving LaVega I.S.D. "Class of 2017" students were awarded $9,000 in scholar- ship money during the Bellmead Chamber of Commerce annual banquet.

Benefits of Applying for Local Scholarships and Grants
With the rising costs of higher education, apply for as many scholarships as possible

A couple hundred dollars from a local scholarship may sound like a drop in the bucket when it comes to paying for college tuition and expenses, but the reality is that every dollar counts and several local scholarships can add up to a significant amount of free money for your education.

Karla WINS Cruise Vacation for Two!
Everyone wins when you invest and save

Karla is excited about winning with First Central and we are happy for her! She'll be cruising into next year having fun and being prepared from knowledge gained during our "Unlocking Social Security" event.

Everyone loves Kirby Kangaroo! Hunter, Kirby (Mitchell), Ethel, and Brenda having fun at Coggin Park in Brownwood.

Two Free Educational Seminars
Presented in celebration of the 80th Anniversary

MAY 2  Home Ownership 101  Buying a home and knowing how to use your home's equity are all part of solutions for life's needs. Learn more Tuesday, May 2nd 6:30 p.m. at the Brownwood branch located at 1602 Austin Avenue.

A Better Way to "Cut Your Debt" - Meet Melanie
Pay off your debt faster, have the comfort of credit, and you could save money!

Meet Melanie Smith, who serves as the First Central credit card services administrator. As a newlywed, her two newest loves are of course her husband Mike -- and her Boston Terrier Charley.

Five Reasons to Avoid Retail Credit Cards
How good of a deal is a store credit card?
You’re at the checkout at your favorite retail store, when suddenly you’re offered a 10 percent or 15 percent discount on what you’re buying in exchange for opening a store credit card. Sound familiar? If this has ever happened to you, then you might have been tempted by all the advantages the store will make it sound like the card will bring, such as promotions, discounts, as well as other perks. While it may sound tempting, don’t be swayed.

Best Veggies for Grilling
Four veggies that should be on your grill this summer

This year, why not add vegetables next to your slabs of seasoned meat? These delicious vegetables are perfect for grilling and will enhance any meal with their robust flavors.

Yoga Poses for More Restful Sleep
Feel well-rested with the help of these poses

Insomnia affects adults nationwide and, according to the Center for Disease Control, can have damaging effects on overall health. One way to battle those sleepless nights is to practice these simple, relaxing yoga poses before bedtime.

Together We Advance
A financial family you can trust.

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