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         December 2017

Get a lower credit card rate, no gimmicks, no catches.

Why pay more? Transfer high interest balances to a First Central credit card today. Receive 3.9% APR* for 12 months on new First Central VISA credit cards and balance transfers - plus transfer balances with no fees!

Perhaps you find yourself paying just the minimum monthly payment on a larger than you'd like credit card balance with a high interest rate. It can happen before you know it. Take action now by transferring your balance to a First Central VISA credit card.

There is no annual fee. There is no balance transfer fee. Receive savings immediately when you make the move. Conveniently begin your application online.

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Brownwood branch serves area young readers

Books4KidsThe Brownwood staff enjoyed the thrill of giving to the students at Woodland Heights Elementary School. Over 193 students at Woodland Heights received their very own book just in time for the holidays. Books4Kids were also distributed to Northwest Elementary School, and the Bangs and May Elementary Schools. These deliveries combined for an additional 349 books given to students to help increase their reading skills over the break and motivate them to explore knowledge available to them through reading.

Lower Interest For Timeliness
Everything we do, we do for you!

Need a Lift? Have you paid on time for 12 consecutive months on your First Central automobile, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, boat or personal loan? If you have kept your loan in good standing, we'll give you a LIFT!

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unlocking social security
Congress changed the rules for Social Security ... are you ready?
Unlocking Social Security is one of the most important aspects of retirement, but it's also one of the most complex. There are pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to seize that aren't always common knowledge. You are invited to an exclusive program hosted by First Central to guide you into your retirement plan.

Money Matters Financial Workshop
First 30 attendees receive free lunch

Best Wishes To You & Yours!
We invite you to get social in th new year ...

We invite you to like and share our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts with your friends and family. It's always fun to share First Central with friends and family!




You can also visit our web sites available in both English and Spanish. You'll find useful product and service information; the ability to interact and request specific materials; and the capability to open an account. Imagine being able to not only begin a loan application online, but you can finish your loan process through an electronic signature. For your convenience a loan payment can be made online using your credit or debit card. We have live chat too!

English Web Site

Spanish Web Site

It's Like Feeling Appreciated
Line your pockets. Not ours.

Helping others secure loans that make sense - good dollars & cents
Getting to know Debbie Rasor

"Some come to me knowing they can't get a loan and I offer them solutions of what can be done,"

What You’ll Need for an Auto Loan
Make sure you have these things before you go into an office for a car loan

When buying a new car, getting a loan to cover the cost is an increasingly popular option chosen by new drivers. In fact, data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and reported by CNN Money shows that a record 107 million Americans currently have auto loan debt, a number which has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years.

What are Online Currencies?
Bitcoin and other online currencies, explained

In the past several years, one of the most confusing terms to appear in the financial world has been “online currency” or, more specifically, “cryptocurrency.” Some bear seemingly silly names, such as the internet-meme-inspired Dogecoin, but the most famous, and certainly the most discussed, is Bitcoin.

Teaching Your Kids the Basics of Finances
Teach kids about money early so they can be finance-savvy as they grow

Learning how to handle, where to invest, and what not to do with money are skills everyone needs to be successful in life. The earlier kids are introduced to smart money-management practices, the better prepared they’ll be to handle their finances when they leave the nest. Teaching your kids how to protect their money is a lesson with unlimited value.

Resources available online for children, teenagers, and adults

Find financial guidance for all ages and needs at your fingertips 24/7. It can be yours when you visit us online. The Kirby Kangaroo Club, Claim Your Youth, El Poder Es Tuyo , the Annual Credit Report and others all serve as excellent financial "know-how-to" resources. See financial coaches and useful links under resources, all found online at:

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