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         Spring 2018

NO CLOSING COSTS up to $50,000 means it is time to act now -- special offer good through May 31st. With a flexible-term Home Equity Loan, you'll have cash right when you need it! Your home is your biggest asset. Capitalize on the value you've built up in your property with a loan to get cash for:

Home Improvements

Special Occasions


Educational Expenses

Medical Emergency

Debt Consolidation

or any other unexpected expense you may have ... for all life's needs


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Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday!
First Central Savings Time, Always ...

Get a lower credit card rate, no gimmicks, no catches.

Why pay more? Transfer high interest balances to a First Central credit card today. Receive 3.9% APR* for 12 months on new First Central VISA credit cards and balance transfers - plus transfer balances with no fees!

Perhaps you find yourself paying just the minimum monthly payment on a larger than you'd like credit card balance with a high interest rate. It can happen before you know it. Take action now by transferring your balance to a First Central VISA credit card.

There is no annual fee. There is no balance transfer fee. Receive savings immediately when you make the move. Conveniently begin your application online.

Cash In On the BENefits of Membership
You'll be seeing dollars signs!

The BENefits of credit union membership and the reliability of Sprint’s network will have you seeing dollars signs. Right now, First Central Credit Union members can get a $100 CASH REWARD for every new line you activate with Sprint®. Plus, get a $50 loyalty cash reward every year for every line.

Shop First ... Auto Buying Central
For the road ahead

Wherever life takes you, get there with a new vehicle from our auto buying center -- where the power of car buying is at your fingertips.

Explore the science of saving during April Credit Union Youth Month
Can you save for the future?

The first step to teaching your kids about money is talking about money.

Resources available online for children, teenagers and adults

Find financial guidance for all ages and needs at your fingertips 24/7. It can be yours when you visit us online. The Kirby Kangaroo Club, Claim Your Youth, El Poder Es Tuyo, the Annual Credit Report and others all serve as excellent financial "know-how-to" resources. See financial coaches and useful links under resources, all found online at:

Everything we do, we do for you!
Calendar of Events

MARCH 27 - You are invited to the 2018 First Central Credit Union Annual Meeting to be held at the Bellmead Civic Center located at 3900 Parrish Street. Doors open at 6 p.m. -- refreshments served and you must be present to win door prizes. Meeting begins at 7 p.m.

APRIL 22 - Celebrate Earth Day! Go green with e-Statements.


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You can also visit our web sites available in both English and Spanish. You'll find useful product and service information; the ability to interact and request specific materials; and the capability to open an account. Imagine being able to not only begin a loan application online, but you can finish your loan process through an electronic signature. For your convenience a loan payment can be made online using your credit or debit card. We have live chat too!

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It's Like Feeling Appreciated
Line your pockets. Not ours.

Always be yourself -- unless you can be
BATMAN -- then always be Batman

LaVega I.S.D. Pirate's Run October 2017

The Hidden Costs of Car Buying
Lookout for these sneaky car buying costs

Buying a car, whether new or used, is an exciting yet expensive time. In addition to the sticker price, you have to budget for hidden costs associated with securing your new ride. From dealership fees and taxes to insurance premiums, the hidden costs of buying a car can break your budget if you don’t plan ahead or know what fees to decline.

Should You eFile Your Taxes?
The modern way of filing taxes has more pros than cons

There are only two ways to file your tax return: by e-file or by mail. While it may be tempting to stick to the tried-and-true method of filing your taxes, there are many reasons you should file them electronically instead.

7 Expenses You Can Cut
Save a little dough by cutting these budget-draining expenses

Saving money can be difficult, but it can often be as simple as cutting certain things or activities from your daily life. Save money by cutting the following suggested money drains from your budget.

Healthy Late-Night Snacks
Enjoy tasty snacks before bedtime while maintaining a trim waistline

A major challenge of dieting is to lower your caloric intake while increasing your energy expenditure. While burning off calories is a crucial step to achieving any fitness goal, it can also leave you hungry. Here are 10 low-fat snacks that will help stave off hunger while keeping you on track with your diet, particularly when those late-night munchies hit.

Overlooked Tax Deductions for Homeowners
Four factors that could increase your tax return

While owning a home has its benefits, most homeowners will agree that their mortgage is a hefty expense to pay every month. To lessen the monthly burden of a mortgage payment, here are four tax deductions for which you may qualify that you might not know about.

2018 Vehicles with the Highest Safety Ratings
Discover the safest models in each major vehicle segment

If you want to know which vehicles are the safest in each segment, Nathan Bomey of USA Today recommends consulting the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the two leading experts on vehicle-based safety.

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