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Don't Despair: The New Tide Approaches
July 2017
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Don't Despair: The New Tide Approaches
A Message from Joey Root, President & CEO

My friend Gus loves to be out on the water. He has a 50’ Sea Ray in a slip at Long Beach Harbor. The boat is named “At Last”, which notes how he and his wife Cheryl waited a good ten years before pulling the trigger on it.

Gus and I were talking about his time out on the Pacific, and I asked him if he had ever been in a scary storm while out to sea. Gus told me that he was a fair weather sailor and he kept a good eye on the radar to make sure he was not caught out in a bad storm.

Talking about being out to sea in a scary storm got me to thinking about one of my all-time favorite movies – Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks. Gus reminded me of many of the valuable lessons that Cast Away teaches us.

One important lesson learned by Hank’s character, a Fed Ex employee stranded on a tiny island after a plane crash, was – “You Never Know What the New Tide Will Bring.” Against all the odds, Hanks survives a plane crash into the ocean and makes it onto dry land with virtually nothing but the clothes on his back. As the tide comes in over the following days, it brings with it Fed Ex Packages that were on the wrecked plane.

Hanks opens the packages and finds many items that at first seem useless, but end up helping him survive. (There’s another lesson right there – “Think Outside the Box”) He has no way to watch the recording on a bunch of VCR tapes but uses the tape to bind a rough shelter for the night.  He uses the material from little girls dresses to make a fish net that probably keeps him from starving to death. There is no way he will ice skate on a tiny Pacific island, but he uses the blades from the skates as an unlikely dental tool that probably prevents him from dying of an infection from an abscessed tooth.

After Hanks had been on the island for some time, a Porta-Potty washes up on shore. Hanks ends up using the material from the Porta-Potty to fashion a sail that enables him to crest the giant waves that crash into the island and escape to sea, where he eventually is rescued.

Life will not always be smooth sailing and will sometimes leave us feeling stranded and helpless. All we can do is keep fighting every day to improve our circumstances. And no matter how daunting the problem you may be facing, don’t despair! You never know what tomorrow’s tide will bring. 

​Please don't hesitate to contact me at 405.608.1903 or if there is anything I can do for you.

​Best regards,

Joey P. Root

President & CEO

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