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What to Do with All Those Photos You Took
September 2018
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What to Do with All Those Photos You Took
Make the most out of your digital photos with these projects

With smartphones constantly within reach, it’s easier than ever to take great photos on the go. You probably have hundreds of photos from your vacation, an event or just your daily activities in your digital photo album, but they don’t have to sit idly on your phone. You can use those photos to decorate your home or preserve those memories in a unique way.

Photo book

A traditional, handmade photo album takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the supplies. With modern technology, you can create a professional-style photo book quickly and easily online, without the mess. There are many companies and programs that will help you put one together online. Simply upload your photos, arrange them in the digital book the way you want them to be printed and place your order. You can even add captions to help you remember details about the photos, such as people’s names or where the photo was taken. With a digital photo book, you can repurpose your photos over and over again and still have a tangible way to cherish your memories.

Greeting cards

Finding the perfect greeting card for a special occasion can be difficult, but if you want to add a personal touch, you can create your own. Incorporate your photos taken with family members, friends and coworkers to create personalized greeting cards for their birthdays or other special occasions. Making your own cards with photos and memories shows that you put a lot of thought into the gesture. You can print the cards yourself or use a service like Vistaprint or Shutterfly to design and order them.


Channel your crafty and creative side by making a collage out of your favorite photos.  Pick a theme for your collage, such as a person or a specific trip or memory, and pick out your favorite photos to go with it. Once you’ve picked your photos, get creative. Cut out your photos in unique shapes, add fun designs and make it your own. You can add stickers, stencils, glitter or whatever else you want to incorporate. From there, put the collage in a frame and hang it on your wall, or give it as a gift to someone special.


You can use your own photos to create a custom, memorable calendar for your own space. Choose photos based on events that happened in each month, people whose birthdays you want to celebrate or general seasonal themes you like. Incorporate these into a monthly calendar. There are many online platforms you can use to create, customize and order your calendars. Custom calendars make the perfect addition to your home or workspace and add a personalized touch to remind you of those wonderful memories. Plus, you can make copies of them for family members as Christmas gifts.

There are plenty of ways to use your photos in a creative, productive way. Next time you’re scrolling through your photos, consider one of these fun projects to display your memories in your home.

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