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Stay Busy with These Fun Hobbies
February 2019
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Stay Busy with These Fun Hobbies
7 delightful pastimes to try in the new year

Incorporating hobbies into your daily routine has many benefits. Psychology Today contributor Jaime L. Kurtz Ph.D. explains that a hobby can be a healthy outlet to vent stress. Hobbies can also expand your sense of self and help you forge new relationships with others who share a common interest. Take advantage of these perks when you try one or more of these activities.

Sign language

Taking speech classes or joining a Toastmasters International club aren’t the only ways to grow your communication skills. Consider learning sign language. This hobby will help engage both your mind and body in a new way, explains Style Magazines contributor Sarah Taviani.


If you’re constantly on the go, why not try a compact and portable hobby like origami? All you’ll need for this pastime is a collection of colorful paper. You can also use wrapping paper, magazine pages or newspaper, says The Spruce contributor Dana Hinders.


Finding buried treasure isn’t just for pirates. Try your luck at this adventurous hobby that combines exploring new places with hunting for hidden objects via GPS coordinates posted online. Visit or download the Geocaching app to create an account and start your search.

Restoring furniture

Giving historical furniture a fresh look is a cost-effective way to add a flair to your home. Head to a thrift store or yard sale to find your first piece of furniture to restore. DIY Network contributor Karin Beuerlein recommends investing in supplies like a power sander, sandpaper, wood stains and finishes, cloth rags, fine steel wool, paint-removing stripper, finish-removing stripper and paste wax.


Maybe you’re a jam connoisseur. Or perhaps you simply want to prepare an emergency food supply. Whichever of these categories you fall into, canning is the ideal hobby for foodies. The Spruce contributor Erin Huffstetler recommends these items to get started. You can also go the easy route and purchase a canning starter kit, which includes the tongs, lid lifters and other tools you’ll need.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing does more than increase strength and improve cardiovascular health. It cultivates mindfulness and focused attention, which can help reduce symptoms of depression, according to CNN. Search online to find a climbing wall or recreational center that offers rock climbing classes in your area.


Whether you prefer the old-fashioned, do-it-yourself method or the virtually-assisted method via websites like Snapfish and Shutterfly, scrapbooking is a good way to organize and preserve pictures. To get started, pick an album size and theme, then select your pictures. Next, decide on a layout for each page. You’ll also need to invest in basic supplies like page protectors, acid-free adhesive tape, patterned paper and scissors, recommends Craftsy contributor Kerry Buckley.

Take your mind off work and engage in a purposeful activity with a new hobby. You might just discover a hidden talent you never knew you had.

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