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July 2017
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Don't Despair: The New Tide Approaches
A Message from Joey Root, President & CEO
My friend Gus loves to be out on the water. He has a 50’ Sea Ray in a slip at Long Beach Harbor. The boat is named “At Last”, which notes how he and his wife Cheryl waited a good ten years before pulling the trigger on it. Gus and I were talking about his time out on the Pacific, and I asked him if he had ever been in a scary storm while out to sea. Gus told me that he was a fair weather sailor and he kept a good eye on the radar to make sure he was not caught out in a bad storm.
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Caleb's Cause 5K & 1 MI Fun Run

Caleb's Cause Foundation provides diapers to thousands of local children each year. 2017 mark's their 6th annual Fun Run at Lake Hefner.
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Staff Added June 2017

Welcome Kacee Esquivel and Noah Milligan to First Liberty Bank! We are glad you are here!
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Best Wishes Margaret Osborne
Bon Voyage

With great sadness, we announce the departure of Margaret Osborne. Since 2010, she has been an integral part of our lending department. Margaret and her family have amazing opportunities out of state and we wish them all the best. She will be greatly missed.
Q & A Charmaine Osborne

At First Liberty, we are always looking for ways to serve our community, including getting to know you better. We want to be the type of bank who knows your name. We also want you to get to know us better.
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How Is Your Credit Score Determined?
The importance of understanding what influences your credit score

Your credit score is calculated by a combination of five different factors, each contributing a different ratio of influence. According to Stacy Smith, Senior Publish Education Specialist for Experian, it involves your payment history, utilization, length of credit history, recent activity and overall capacity.
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It's A Pool Party!
And You're Invited

It’s getting hot outside! If you are lucky enough to have a concrete pond (and even if you don’t), here are some easy recipes to enjoy poolside. All recipes are found online at A Taste of Home.
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How Your Business can Make the Most out of the Relationship with Your Financial Institution
Having a strong, positive relationship with your banker is about more than just the potential access to money

Whether you go with a larger institution or a small community institution, what matters most is the relationship you develop with it.
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Route 66 Road Trip: Albuquerque to Tulsa
Where to stop for fun along the middle portion of historic Route 66

Historic Route 66, which runs from Los Angeles to Chicago, was once known as the “Main Street of America.” Though it is no longer the major artery …
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The Most Accurate Movies Based on True Events
These motion pictures favor portraying reality, rather than fiction

When writers, directors and producers really do their history homework, they can often create historical pieces that accurately portray events from …
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Learn the History of Fireworks
Do you know how fireworks got their spark?

Although today’s firework displays, especially on the Fourth of July, seem to get grander and more impressive each year, fireworks’ original spark …
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6 Reasons to Unplug This Summer
Unplug this summer to connect with friends, family and yourself

The summer poses the perfect opportunity to unplug from technology, and these six reasons explain why it’s good for you.
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5 Surprising Facts about the American Flag
Learn the secrets surrounding the stars and stripes

Few symbols are more recognized or more representative of the United States and its values than the American flag.
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