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First Liberty Bank Newsletter
February 2018
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Remembering Mr. Butler: Never Judge a Prospect by His Coat
A Message from Joey Root, President & CEO
After spending a year working as a credit analyst in my first banking job, I was promoted to Private Banking Officer and moved to a branch just north of downtown Dallas, Texas. There were a number of older neighborhoods around the bank and the branch had a significant number of elderly customers. Mr. Butler was one of them.
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Norman Is Open!
Welcome to Our New Branch

We are delighted to announce that we are now open in Norman!
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February is American Heart Month
Support Go Red for Women

American Heart Association ramps up its efforts to raise awareness.
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Buying a Home in 2018?
Top 10 Tips To Get You Started

Considering buying a home this year, but not sure where to start?  The process of qualifying for a mortgage loan and purchasing a home, especially for the first-time buyer, can seem like the scariest ride at the amusement park.
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Village Police Officer of 2017
Congratulations Lukas!

We absolutely love everyone at The Village Police Department. They are always there for us and we appreciate what they have to go out and do each and every day.  We are proud to be involved with their Officer of the Year Award.
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Jean Toolate Retirement Party
We will miss you Jean!

We had a lovely Retirement Party for Jean Toolate. Jean worked hard for many years and we know she will enjoy retirement!
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Q & A Will Maxwell

Each month, we will be featuring one of our employees for all of us to learn more about each other.
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How to Prepare for Tax Season
Tax season prep tips

It might not be as highly anticipated as the holidays, beach-weather days or spring, but tax season still rolls around each year and often takes taxpayers by frantic surprise.
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Setting Up an Emergency Management Plan for Your Business
How to prepare your business for unexpected disasters

All individuals and businesses should be prepared for the unexpected by setting up an emergency management plan. While an emergency fund can help …
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NYC on a Budget
See what the Big Apple has to offer without breaking the bank

New York City is a popular destination for travelers across the world. With fancy restaurants, Broadway shows and opportunity galore, it can be an …
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Lesser-Known Pioneers in African American History
History-making African Americans you need to know

There are countless African American pioneers standing in the shadows of famous African Americans such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, …
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Health Benefits of Meditation
Ways to enhance your physical and mental health

Whether you desire a calm mind, longer attention span or better sleep quality, meditation has been scientifically proven to boost your health. …
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Are Meal Subscription Boxes Worth the Hype?
The joys and woes of subscribing to weekly meals

Even though meal subscription boxes remove the dreaded “What’s for dinner” question and time in the grocery store, are these food prep meal boxes …
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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
How to make your favorite meal from scratch

While it may be easier to open a can of soup and microwave it in a bowl, it’s much healthier and tasty to prepare it yourself using fresh …
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