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First Liberty Bank Newsletter
November 2018
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PLEASE: Say Please, Thanks, and I Love You
A Message from Joey Root, President & CEO

Life can be a hectic experience. There are so many new ways to communicate – between cell phones, text messages, emails, and various forms of social media, we are connected in ways that just a few years ago were inconceivable. 

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Bedlam for Babies
Benefiting Infant Crises Services

We are teaming up again with Infant Crisis Services and hosting a Bedlam for Babies drive! Any time you come into the bank between now and November 30th, you can donate anything on the wish list in honor of your favorite team!
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First Liberty Thanksgiving Luncheon

At First Liberty, the holidays always begin with our annual Thanksgiving Day Luncheon. Thank you to Kyle McPherson and the Liberty Club for organizing this wonderful feast!
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15 Month CD Special!

Looking for a great way to invest your money for a year? Or maybe two years is more like it. Either way, we have a CD for you. Like our 15 month CD for 2.75% annual percentage yield with a $2500 minimum balance to open.
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What Is a Money Market Account?
Money market accounts can provide a safe, productive way to store your money

A money market account is an account that typically comes with a higher interest rate than other savings accounts. If investing in stocks and bonds is not something that appeals to you, but you would still like to make your money grow safely, opening a money market account could be the right move.
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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement?
Is it worth it to pay off your mortgage before retiring?

Should you cash in your investments to pay off your mortgage before retiring? The answer can vary greatly depending on your situation.
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Decreasing Costs for Your Company
Control your company’s costs now and reap the benefits later

With a bit of thought and creativity, you can decrease costs for your business in ways that won’t disrupt your goals or productivity. In fact, …
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Helpful Podcasts on Parenting
Advice and stories from experts and fellow parents

Although being a parent is a joy, parenthood also comes with its fair share of challenges. To help parents tackle these challenges, a whole genre of …
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Books to Get You into the Holiday Season
Page-turners sure to get you into the holiday spirit

Whether you are trying to fight it or are eager to embrace it, the holiday season is fast approaching. To get you in the mood for goodwill, cheer …
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It's All About the Gravy

The table is set and the food is ready. All you need is gravy to top it all off with. A good giblet gravy enhances the perfect flavor of your turkey. …
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