4 Popular Blockbusters Worth Watching Again
October 2017
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4 Popular Blockbusters Worth Watching Again
You won’t regret watching these movies two or three more times

Blockbusters are what make going to the movies so exciting. Filmmakers prepare some of their most costly films that will entice a wide variety of audiences with out-of-this-world graphics and heartwarming tales. The following films are perfect for an end of the year movie round-up session and are definitely worth watching a few more times.

“Wonder Woman” (PG-13)

After D.C. Comics’ film “Batman v. Superman” featured Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, audiences began to demand the female superhero be given her own feature film. Their wish was granted, with “Wonder Woman” premiering in 2017. With rising star Gal Gadot returning as Wonder Woman, the film received incredibly high levels of praise from the public and film critics alike. With a staggering 92% rating from critics and a 90% rating from general audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, “Wonder Woman” has dominated the box office since its premiere.

“Logan” (R)

Following alongside the popular superhero movie genre, “Logan” is the final installment in the “Wolverine” film series. Hugh Jackman returns as Logan (Wolverine) for the finale as the film takes place in a dystopian future where he embarks on his final adventure. “Logan” has also attracted Oscar buzz for Patrick Stewart’s return to his role as Professor X. Directed by James Mangold, the final “Wolverine” film is worth watching a few more times.

“Get Out” (R)

Released in February 2017, “Get Out” is a thrilling horror film starring Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams; the film tackles the issue of racism through the lens of the horror genre. Many modern films approach relevant issues in our political sphere through the drama category, but “Get Out” is taking a unique approach with a horror twist. Although many were skeptical because of writer-director Jordan Peele’s background in comedy, the film received incredibly high praise from critics and audiences worldwide.

“Beauty and the Beast” (PG)

Disney decided to bring the 1991 animated classic, “Beauty and the Beast,” to life this year, casting Emma Watson as the intelligent and “most peculiar mademoiselle,” Belle. Dan Stevens portrays The Beast with the help of some CGI and, while some audience members complained about the removal of a few of the original songs, the film still received an 82% approval rating from general audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you’re looking to re-live some of this year’s best blockbusters, be sure to check out any of these entertaining films.

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