Advertising Mediums to Consider
April 2018
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Advertising Mediums to Consider
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You’ve worked hard to make your business what it is today, but it cannot hurt to add more customers no matter how far you’ve already come. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to reach more people, these advertising mediums can be used to achieve your goals and set yourself up for even greater levels of success.

Digital advertising

If you want to bring in more young people to your establishment, digital advertising is the way to go. The most popular option to use is Google AdWords, which allows you to use one account and one budget to send ads out to sites across the internet. Google Display Ads appear on more than two million websites, and the web giant knows so much about its users that you can ask for your ads to be targeted specifically at the people most likely to use your product or service. Besides the display ads, you can also use Google AdWords to purchase advertising on search engine results pages, which enables your website to appear at the top of the results for local customers searching for your product or service.

Social Media

Another way to reach more young people is to use social media advertising. If you already manage a Facebook and Twitter profile for your business, starting an advertising account with these social media platforms is fairly simple. Just a few dollars can ensure that your posts about new products and other announcements are more likely to be seen. You can also choose to create ads unique from your posts to show up in users’ feeds on all of their devices.


While digital media is slowly taking over the world, the traditional magazine is still an effective way to reach consumers. Because magazines are typically targeted toward a specific demographic and readership, advertising in this way can be extremely useful if you have the right product and pick the right publication. For example, if you manufacture canoes, taking out an ad in fishing magazines effectively targets fishermen that use the smaller boats for a day on the water. A digital ad has wider reach, but it might also be aimed at someone who visited a fishing article online once but really doesn’t care about the sport or its equipment. With a magazine, your ad is more likely to resonate with a reader because the product is almost certainly in line with their interests.


According to Entrepreneur, outdoor advertising and billboards have the most substantial advertising reach for the cost. If you have the right image and catchphrase (ideally eight words or less) for your advertisement, you can really catch the attention of drivers. This is especially true of potential customers who see your billboard every day on their commute. The largest drawback of a billboard is its geographical limitations — unless your advertisement manages to go viral, you will only reach people from a certain area. Depending on where the billboard is located, it’s possible that every commuter from that area will see your advertisement, which can make it a very effective tool if you are going for a community-based approach to your business.  

Direct mail

Consumers around the country all have different levels of interaction with the internet and traditional media, but everyone still receives physical mail. Using direct mail to send ads or coupons to potential customers can be highly targeted, Entrepreneur’s Roy H. Williams says, but it is worth noting that a truly successful campaign will require a significant amount of capital.

If you’re looking to reach out to customers new and old to expand your business, consider one of these mediums. For more guidance when making advertising decisions ask a local marketing agency or advisor.

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