Which Digital Advertising Platform is Right for Your Business?
November 2018
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Which Digital Advertising Platform is Right for Your Business?
Get the word out to as many people as possible with these tools

When you search for digital marketing, you open the floodgates of advice about what the next big thing is in online advertising. This is a constantly changing field, but there are a few constants that you can rely on in the near future. One of the most important things you need to decide before you pick your platforms, though, is what your goals are for your digital advertising dollars.

Goal: Bring visitors to your website

If you are confident about the quality and functionality of your website, or if you sell products or services through your site, you should use your advertising money to attract more visitors. Taylor Craig, a content strategist at Engenius, says that one of the best platforms for bringing in who you want is Google Ads in the search network. These simple text ads are the ones that show up at the top of the search engine results page when someone looks for a product or service you offer, based on keywords you tell Google to keep an eye out for. Using Google AdWords, the controller for all Google promotion, you can make sure that only someone looking for what you sell in your service area sees your advertisements.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a major website for almost all internet users. With billions of accounts, chances are that the people you’re trying to reach are on the platform. Facebook’s advertising tools feature a specific goal of “traffic.” Once you order Facebook to start a traffic campaign, it serves ads to users it thinks are more likely to click on your ad and go to your site. Considering how much information people put on their Facebook accounts, it’s pretty likely that Facebook can find the customers you want.

Goal: Exposure and engagement

When you’re looking to become a household name, or at least a neighborhood name in your community, there are a few options to help get you the exposure you need to get there. According to Jia Wertz of Forbes, Instagram has hundreds of millions of users, and more than half of the account holders log in every day. If your product is particularly beautiful or is part of a particular lifestyle, you could use photos to express your business visually, using hashtags and other platform-specific methods to attract attention. Jayna Cooke of EVENTup uses Instagram for her business because people are renting spaces based on what their event look is, so photos are a great way to show off.

Another part of the Google ad platform you can consider is the Google Display Network. If you have ever noticed a banner ad following you around the internet, appearing on unrelated sites, that’s part of the Google Display Network. Sites looking to reap advertising revenue offer Google spots on their site to serve banner ads to visitors on behalf of other businesses. You can choose where your ads will run, both online and geographically, to make sure that people who show interest in the products you sell will be aware of your brand for the next time they need to make a purchase.

This is a small pinch of the digital advertising platforms you can choose from in 2018. If you aren’t sure what to do next, contact a business or marketing consultant.

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