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April 2016
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Small Business Budgeting Tips
Setting up and maintaining a beneficial business budget

Small-business owners have a lot to oversee, and their business’s budget is one of the most important. Here are some tips for creating and maintaining a good budget.

Giving More Frequent Performance Reviews
One year is too long to wait before a review, experts say

How long do you typically wait before giving an employee their performance review? Six months? A year? While it is normal to wait until one full year has passed, experts have begun to realize that if you want employees to grow and succeed in your company, a year might be too long to wait before giving feedback.

Keeping Track of Business Operations Around the World
What happens when employees are in different geographic locations?

As a result of growth or expansion, many companies might choose to spread their business across multiple locations. With technology becoming more and more advanced, it makes the days of sitting at a desk for eight hours nearly extinct and the idea of working remotely more appealing.

Summertime Events
Mark Your Calendar
by Audrey Tedore Titus, Marketing Manager

Heritage Bank Ribbon Cutting - Corporate Blvd. and Mill St. Branch - May 5th 5:00pm to 7:00pm
American Cancer Society Suits N Sneakers Golf & Gala - June 9th and 11th
Reno Rodeo - June 16th - 25th
Barracuda Championship - June 30th - July 3rd
Artown - June 30th - July 31st
The Biggest Little City Wing Fest - July 2nd - 4th
Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival - July 8th - August 21st
Hot August Nights - August 2nd - 7th
Reno Tahoe Music Festival - August 26th - 28th
Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off - August 31st - September 5th
International Camel Races - September 9th - 11th
The Great Reno Balloon Race - September 9th - 11th
National Championship Air Races - September 14th - 18th

Don't Fall Victim to the Grandparent Scam
Consumers reported more than $42 million in losses from scams involving the impersonation of family members and friends...
by American Bankers Association

According to the Federal Trade Commission, between 2012 and 2014, consumers reported more than $42 million in losses from scams involving the impersonation of family members and friends. This scam, commonly known as the "grandparent scam," is a form of financial abuse that deliberately targets older Americans...

5 Ways to Spot a Lottery Scam
According to the FBI, in 2014 consumers lost more than $8 million to solicitation scams
by American Bankers Association

These scams, commonly referred to as "advance fee," "lottery" or "sweepstake" scam, often begin with fraudsters telling the victim they've won a lottery or sweepstake raffle. The consumer is issued a check worth more than the amount owed and instructed to pay taxes and fees before receiving a lump sum payment. Unfortunately, the check - in addition to the raffle - is bogus...

Healthy Desserts That Won’t Ruin Your Diet
Indulge yourself without feeling guilty with these healthy treats
When you’re on a diet, you tend to restrict yourself to only healthy foods, leading you to cross desserts entirely off your list. However, being on a …

TV Spinoffs That Were Actually Successful
From “Frasier” to “Family Matters,” take a look at five of TV’s most successful spinoffs
At a television show’s peak, or at the end of its run, it is not uncommon for network officials and producers to create new shows based on familiar …

Vehicle Details: Perfect Summertime Vehicles
You’ll want to take the long road sitting behind the wheel in these
Driving during the summer is something people look forward to all year long. The warmer weather and longer days are reason enough to take an extra day…

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