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June 2016
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Heritage Bank EMV Chip Embedded Cards
We're Replacing Your Heriitage Bank Magnetic Strip Cards - Your Action Is Requested
by Audrey Tedore Titus, Marketing Manager

You can look forward to receiving your new chip-embedded Heritage Bank debit card within the next 12 months. Your new card replaces your current debit card. Your new chip-embedded card is designed for increased security and fraud prevention. You will need to update the Expiration Date on file with all of your merchants that process your payment transactions automatically...

Small Business Marketing Trends
Developments weíve seen so far in 2016

The year is nearly halfway over; there has been time to analyze trends and developments in the advertising and marketing field to see where the industry has been going and what has worked or not worked for other small businesses.

Should You Let Your Employees Bring Their Dogs to Work?
How an open-door pet policy can benefit workers

Youíve heard of ďBring Your Daughter to Work DayĒ ó but your dog? At work?

Measuring Startup Success
Look deeper than revenue to assess startup success

Measuring your startup success isnít just about keeping good records. It helps you fine-tune your business plan and make changes that can streamline your operations and accelerate your profitability.

Protecting Your Businessís Name
Itís about more than just securing a trademark

Choosing a name for your company is a crucial step in getting your small business off the ground.

Managing Absenteeism at Work
The right way to prevent and deal with absenteeism

Managing absenteeism is a concern for many small business owners.

Upcoming Northern Nevada Events
by Audrey Tedore Titus, Marketing Manager

2016 EVENTS:
Barracuda Championship - June 30th - July 3rd
Artown - June 30th - July 31st
The Biggest Little City Wing Fest - July 2nd - 4th
Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival - July 8th - August 21st
Hot August Nights - August 2nd - 7th
Heritage Bank Carson City Celebrates 15 Years August 11th
Reno Main Celebrates the Olympics August 18th
Reno Tahoe Music Festival - August 26th - 28th
Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off - August 31st - September 5th
International Camel Races - September 9th - 11th
The Great Reno Balloon Race - September 9th - 11th
National Championship Air Races - September 14th - 18th

Spanish Springs - Friday, August 5th - 11:00am - 2:00pm

West 7th Street - Friday, November 4th - 11:00am - 2:00pm

Classic Movies to Get You Excited for Summer
Spend summer with the movie stars watching these Hollywood hits
Most kids donít need any help getting excited for summer, that time of the year when the responsibilities of school give way to carefree days in the …

Natural Remedies to Help Prevent Migraines
Avoid the headache with these natural tips
Migraine headaches are capable of derailing a day altogether, debilitating its sufferers with symptoms that include severe photosensitivity, nausea …

Get Creative with Leftover Fruits and Vegetables
A few ways to use those lingering fruits and vegetables
Itís a tale as old as vegetable crispers: you are in the midst of your weekly refrigerator clean out and you realize that you have some produce you …

Vehicles That Keep Their Value
These vehicles depreciate less than the rest
Automobiles are a huge part of our lives, but one of the biggest knocks on a new car is that in as little as three years itís worth far less than you …

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