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May 2017
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When Should You Move to a Larger Office Space?
Five instances that tell you it’s time to upgrade

A smaller, quaint workspace has a host of advantages, especially for a startup company — less overhead and lower costs being chief among them. At what point does your business outgrow that small space into a larger area that better accommodates its growth? To give you a better idea, consider these five instances as strong indicators of needing to move into a larger office space.

Retaining Your Top Employees
Four ways to ensure your best staff members stay put

Employee turnover can be disastrous for workplace chemistry and have a considerable impact on your bottom line. To retain the most valuable members of your staff for as long as possible, consider the following tips and practices.

How to Determine Which Term Loan Is Best for Your Small Business
Know the two types of term loans so you can decide which will best suit your needs

Small businesses often rely on loans from financial institutions to fund projects and/or equipment needs in order to continue building profits. Understanding the types of term loans available is the first step in determining which loan will be best for your business, and it will put you closer to getting your business exactly where you want it to be.

How to Boost Sales During Slower Months
Tips for increasing your sales revenue during the non-peak season

All businesses, irrespective of industry or product, will run into periods of slow sales. As a business owner, you can bend these slower months to your will and boost sales in a number of ways.

Looking For The Right Business Loan?
Ask Our Experts
by Audrey Tedore Titus, VP, Marketing

If you are considering a Commercial, Small Business or SBA 504 or 7A loan, ask any Heritage Bank of Nevada Lender or Branch Manager about your options:

Lenders: Tom Traficanti, Barry Collier, Larry Bell, Barbara Culver, Mark McKibben, Kip McKibben and Lynee Shahan
Managers: Bob Verbrick, Tom Keller, Noah Elsfelder, Rick Abend, Duane Dougherty, Brent Holderman

Summer Activities To Plan For
Mark Your Calendar With These Fun Summer Events
by Audrey Tedore Titus, VP, Marketing

Reno Rodeo - June 15th - 24th
National Auto Museum's Women With Wheels - June 24th
Concert In The Park at Lazy 5 Regional Park in Sparks - August 2nd - The Jazzettes
Barracuda Championship - PGA Tour - July 31st - August 6th - Montreux Golf and Country Club
Heritage Bank Shred Days - August 11th at Reno Main, November 3rd at Damonte Ranch Pkwy
Governor's Conference on Business - the Nugget Casino Resort - August 17th
Great Reno Balloon Races - September 8th - 10th - Rancho San Rafael Park
Reno Championship Air Races - September 13th - 17th
Northern Nevada Dental Golf Tournament - September 22nd
American Cancer Society's Suits N Sneakers Gala - Honoring Stan Wilmoth and Heritage Bank of Nevada - September 23rd

5 Amazon Prime Originals You Need to See
Entertain yourself by watching one of these Amazon Prime original programs
Ranging from the hilarious to the harrowing, the series from Amazon Prime are some of the most diverse in the world of entertainment today.

Yoga Poses for More Restful Sleep
Feel well-rested with the help of these poses
Insomnia affects adults nationwide and, according to the Center for Disease Control, can have damaging effects on overall health. One way to battle …

Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders
How to keep yourself safe when you jump on the bike for the first time
If you are riding a motorcycle for the first time this spring, safe operation will be your top priority. To ensure that your first ride goes as …

Minimalist Mindset: How to Live with Less
How to adopt a minimalist mindset and live with less
Living with less can be a reality if you take steps to set a minimalist mindset.

Best Veggies for Grilling
Four veggies that should be on your grill this summer
This year, why not add vegetables next to your slabs of seasoned meat? These delicious vegetables are perfect for grilling and will enhance any meal …

12 Best New Nonfiction Reads
Learn something new in these great nonfiction reads
Sourced from the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Bestsellers List and Bustle.com, these nonfiction reads offer unique perspectives, insights and …

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