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December 2014
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Now it's Easy to Locate a Surcharge-Free ATM With Your Phone
The Heritage Bank Mobile App Now Features an ATM Locator
by Audrey Tedore, Marketing Director

Enjoy Service Charge-Free ATM Access when you travel.
Now available through the Heritage Bank App is the ATM Locator.
It's easy to locate an ATM near you...

Where to Spend (and not Spend) When Starting a Business
The financial ins and outs of beginning a business

Taking the plunge and beginning a business? The first step is to create a budget and determine where you�re going to put your funds and where you�ll cut costs. Spending money wisely helps you to …

How to Hire the Best Employees
Hiring criteria to help bring a winning staff onboard

Looking to hire additional staff? It would be easy to pick names out of a hat, but if you want ardent workers, then you�ll need to dig a little deeper.

Are You Taking Advantage of Current Low Mortgage Rates?
We have great rates with fast, personalized service and attention to you to make home buying or refinancing easy.
by Audrey Tedore, Marketing Director

Do you need home financing?  Are you ready to take advantage of current low mortgage rates? Now is a great time to get started with assistance from the Heritage Bank of Nevada Mortgage team.
If great rates with fast personalized service and personal attention are important to you, you'll want to visit our mortgage professionals today.
Our Home Loan Experts can help you get started and answer all of your questions.

Carson Valley Mulch Firm Receives Federally Guaranteed Loan
Great Basin Organics and Genoa Trees and Landscape Materials
by The Record Courier, Staff Reporter

Dink Getty, Owner Genoa Tree and Landscape Materials
“If it wasn’t for Heritage Bank and the USDA Loan Program…, Great Basin Organics would not be in business today.owner Dink Getty said on Tuesday.

The Best Affordable Vehicles for Poor Weather Climates
These vehicles make weather one less thing to worry about

With all of the impressive technologies available today, it�s kind of amazing to think that the weather is still something that can wreak such havoc …

DIY Projects for a Cozy Home
Easy ways to keep your home cozy

Even if you don�t live in a region where winters hit extreme low temperatures, this time of year still tempts us to layer on soft clothing and snuggle…

Go Green for the Holidays
Ways to be eco-friendly this season

People sometimes tend to indulge over the holiday season, increasing their waistlines and decreasing the amount in their bank accounts. But when it …

Retirement Income Taxes
What you need to know

Being proactive about saving money before retirement is important for ensuring a comfortable living once you stop working. When planning for …

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