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March 2015
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New Heritage Bank Branch Opening Soon
Mill Street and Corporate Blvd. in Reno
by Audrey Tedore, V.P. Marketing Director

We are pleased to announce that we will be adding an additional Heritage Bank branch later this summer at Mill Street and Corporate Blvd in Reno.  The new branch is being renovated for easy access, convenience, improved functionality and aesthetics.  With the addition of this branch, Heritage Bank will have seven branch locations in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Carson Valley area.

Tips for Keeping Your Employees Creative
Motivational tips to keep the creativity flowing

Managing a team of creative professionals is different than overseeing the work of other types of employees. Nurturing a creative department requires a sense of compassion to individual skills and talents.

Five Ways to Spend Less Time Managing E-mail
How to overcome e-mail overkill

Ever feel like all you do at work is monitor your e-mail, and have no time to get other responsibilities done? You�re not alone. According to a McKinsey Global report, the average e-mail user spends …

Tips for Selling Your Small Business
What you should know if you want to unload your company

Starting a small business is not an easy venture; neither is selling one. There are many complex considerations to keep in mind, as well as some basic thoughts to consider right away. Here are a few …

Rick Abend Joins Heritage Bank of Nevada
Vice President, Branch Manager
by Audrey Tedore, V.P. Marketing Director

Heritage Bank of Nevada is pleased to announce that Rick Abend has joined the bank in the position of Vice President, Branch Manager. Rick will manage the new Heritage Bank branch soon to open at …

Lisa Milke Receives Promotion
Named Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
by Audrey Tedore, V.P. Marketing Director

Heritage Bank of Nevada is pleased to announce the promotion of Lisa L. Milke to Executive Vice President, Chief Financial …

The Best-Selling Cars in America
These models are popular for a reason

When a vehicle is a perennial best-seller, it didn�t happen by accident. Each of the vehicles that appear in the top-10 list holds a wide appeal for …

Five Great Women in History
Five important stories for Women�s History Month

Women�s History Month arrives again this March. If you are interested in having a discussion about important women with your family or friends, or if …

Five Spring Cleaning Tips
Tricks to making spring cleaning less daunting

It�s almost spring time, and that means you�re ready to shake off those winter doldrums with a little house cleaning and yard managing, right? If you …

Green Ways to Travel
How to get around in a more eco-friendly way

You go to work, you go to the movies, you go to a museum, you go to a foreign country�and traveling is how you get there. Traveling can bring you so …

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