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August 2017
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The American Cancer Society to Honor Stan Wilmoth and Heritage Bank
at the 10th Annual Suits N Sneakers Gala, September 23rd

2017 American Cancer Society Honoree Stan Wilmoth Join UNR Men's Basketball Coach Eric Musselman and his wife Danyelle Musselman, along with past Mayor Bob Cashell as we honor Stan Wilmoth, President and CEO and Heritage Bank for 10 years as the Presenting Sponsor of the Suits N Sneakers Gala. The evening will feature special guest speaker Dave Winfield, MLB Hall of Famer and 12-time All-Star.

Saturday, September 23rd from 6:00 - 9:00pm at the Downtown Reno Ballroom

www.suitsandsneakersreno.org or call (775) 828-2205 for tables, individual tickets and sponsorship opportunities.

How to Give Constructive Feedback to Employees
What to say to your workers and how to say it the right way

If there is one aspect of being in a leadership position that is perhaps the most unenviable, it is the seeming inevitability of having to provide criticism for an employee. Almost everyone in a management position has, at one time or another, been on the receiving end of criticism from a superior, meaning that they know well the usefulness of well-meaning critique and how powerful a motivating tool it is.

When to Get a Business Loan
Consider these scenarios before applying for a loan

Running a business is one of the most difficult tasks that any entrepreneur can undertake. There is a lot of risk involved in the process and sometimes those involved in the business sector might need to make difficult choices. One such choice involves applying for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan.

Vehicles That Offer the Best Retained Value
The following vehicles manage to best combat the effects of depreciation
Spanning across several different segments and brands, here are just a handful of vehicles that offer the best retained value, according to experts …

4 Superfoods to Add to Your Diet
Add some of these superfoods to your diet for maximum health benefits
Maintaining a healthy body depends largely on the types of food that you eat. “Superfoods” are a good choice, as they are packed with vitamins, …

Furniture Restoration for Beginners
Give new life to hand-me-down treasures and thrift-store finds
Breathing new life into hand-me-down furniture, thrift store finds and flea market treasures is a creative way to save money and decorate your home …

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Life
Tips and tricks for removing coffee stains from problem surfaces
It’s inevitable—coffee stains everything. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get those stains out. Depending on what material the coffee …

Stay in Shape with These Four Dance Class Workouts
Dance your way to a healthier self with these choreography-based exercises
If solitary stair-stepping or routine rowing isn’t your thing, dance class workouts might be the way to go. These four types of dance exercises will …

Tricks to Encourage Better Reading Habits
Get in the habit of reading with these tips
Escaping into a good book is a mindful indulgence for your brain, heart and soul. Whether you prefer historical fiction, true stories, romantic …

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