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January 2018

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New 24 Hour Debit Card Help Line
Providing support for your Heritage Bank Debit Card after banking hours.

Our New 24 Hour Debit Card Support Line is Now Available at

Whether you are traveling or simply have questions about your Heritage Bank Debit Card after hours, our new 24/7 helpline is there to assist you.

Add the number to your phone contacts list or find the support line phone number listed on the Heritage Bank website.

What is Radical Candor and Can it Benefit Your Business?
Learn more about the honesty process that’s sweeping workplaces around the globe

There are many things you need to know to run your business well, but one of the most difficult parts is employee management. Figuring how to treat employees well without having them run all over you is a hard balance to strike. That’s why supervisors and managers around the world are turning to the idea of Radical Candor.

Types of Business Taxes
Savvy suggestions for deciphering tax terminology

Filing your income tax each year might be relatively simple, but staying up to date on your business’ taxes is more complicated. To prepare for these expenses, you should discover the individual taxes that you can expect to pay for your business.

How to Build a Better Brand
Knowing how to present your brand, and to whom you are presenting it, makes a difference

Whether you are in the beginning stages of forming a brand or are looking for ways to expand its reach and effectiveness, the following tips are reliable building blocks for improving your brand’s cachet.

Can Mobile Coupons Work for Your Business?
Mobile coupons increasingly influence consumer purchases

Mobile coupons have been around since 2010, though at the time not quite everyone owned a smartphone. Today, nearly 80 percent of Americans own a smartphone, up from 35 percent in 2011, according to the Pew Research Center, making mobile coupons far more valuable for any business.

A SUPER Blue Blood Moon Will Rise This Week in a Rare Treat.
The celestial phenomenon, which occurs on January 31, will combine three separate lunar spectacles – a blue moon, a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse.

For spectators in North America, this will be the first time all three events occur simultaneously since 1866. Each of the separate events occur very sporadically so to have all three fall on the same day is an opportunity too good to miss. The next blue moon total lunar eclipse won't be until December 31, 2028, according to NASA.

Home Remedies to Alleviate Cold Symptoms
Avoid another doctor’s visit with these at-home methods
The common cold doesn’t always require a doctor’s visit, but the symptoms can sometimes leave you lethargic and whiney. If you’re stuck on the couch …

8 Fuel Efficient Crossovers
Get the best of practicality from these eight fuel efficient crossovers
Crossovers have become increasingly popular in the car market, with new models coming out across the board. The following models deliver exceptional …

5 Nostalgic TV Show Reboots
Take a trip down memory lane with these TV show revivals
When your favorite show is canceled, or you simply grow up and move on, it can be nostalgic to go back and re-watch some of the episodes. But …

Do's and Don'ts of Making Your Own Bread
Bake the best bread with these tips
To make sure your next batch of homemade bread meets bakery standards for taste and appearance, incorporate these bread-baking tips.

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