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February 2018

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Are You Using Apple Pay®, Android Pay® or Samsung Pay® To Make Your Purchases?
Using your Apple, Android or Samsung Pay can keep you moving!

In a hurry? Set up your payment option to link to your Heritage Bank debit or credit card and look for your tap and go logo at check out. Pay quickly at your favorite coffee shop or store that offers the option to pay with your smart phone. It's not only simple, it is more secure, and it's the easiest, most direct method of payment so you can get on with what you are doing.

CardValet Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!
Beginning March 7th, you can access CardValet directly through your Heritage Bank Mobile Banking App

If you are currently signed up to take advantage of Heritage Bank's free CardValet security feature, you will have direct access to it through your Heritage Bank Mobile Banking App beginning March 7, 2018. You can quickly set your debit card usage times and locations without leaving the Heritage Bank Mobile Banking app. With a few taps, you can block all transactions, report a lost or stolen card, and block transactions based on transaction amount, location and/or merchant type. Having the ability to control cards directly from your phone app empowers you to protect yourself from fraud.

How to Build Credit for Your Business
Prepare your business for financial success

As an individual, you monitor your credit and build it to make yourself eligible for better loans when the time comes. Just like you, businesses have credit that can have an effect on loans and purchasing power further down the road. If you’re ready to ensure your business is set up for financial success, consider these pointers to start on the right foot.

3 Ways to Motivate Employees
How to help employees motivate themselves

Every business strives to have motivated employees who are putting in their best because they want to work hard rather than because they are required to do so. The following are three ways to help achieve this.

Effective Meetings 101
Master the art of hosting purposeful, pain-free meetings

Meetings are a common way that businesses establish decisions, revamp procedures and make headway on projects. However, current statistics indicate that few meetings are as useful as they should be.

Training Your Sales Force for Success
Give your team the tools they need to promote your business

Whether your business is just starting out or is a bit more established, sales are what keep your doors open. If you have a dedicated sales team that helps you discover new patrons and grow your customer base, it’s important that you make sure they are set up for success. Making a couple of these small investments early on will help your enterprise in the long run.

Should Your Business Be on YouTube?
Discover some of the benefits of using this video platform in your marketing campaign

YouTube is a central platform for video and creative content, but it’s not just for production companies. It can be a great platform for advertising, product placement and other marketing campaigns, but is it right for your business?

Health Benefits of Meditation
Ways to enhance your physical and mental health
Whether you desire a calm mind, longer attention span or better sleep quality, meditation has been scientifically proven to boost your health. …

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
How to make your favorite meal from scratch
While it may be easier to open a can of soup and microwave it in a bowl, it’s much healthier and tasty to prepare it yourself using fresh …

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