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April 2018

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Now Is the Time to Consider a Home Equity Line of Credit from Heritage Bank
Use the Equity in Your Home to Take Care of Your Business and Your Personal Needs

At Heritage we have great low rates on our Home Equity Lines of Credit. As home values in our area go up, so does the amount of equity available to you in your home. Use the cash to consolidate debt, remodel your home or cover unexpected expenses. Call or stop in any Heritage Bank branch and get a customized rate quote. Apply today while Heritage Bank Home Equity Lines of Credit rates are low.*

Health Savings Accounts from Heritage Bank
Save for Your Health Care - Save on Your Taxes

A Health Savings Account (HSA) from Heritage Bank is the best way to take advantage of tax* savings while you save for your health care deductible costs. A HSA is a personal checking account designed to help those with qualified high-deductible health plans save on many out-of-pocket medical expenses including doctor visits, vision and dental care, and prescriptions. Your HSA provides tax advantages so you can save money through: pre-tax contributions, tax-free gains on the money you save, tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses.*

Who Should File Quarterly Taxes?
How to tell if you should pay estimated taxes

If you have worked most of your life as someone’s employee, you will be used to having your taxes withheld from your paycheck and filing your tax return once a year. If you become self-employed, however, you may need to pay estimated taxes, which are due on a quarterly basis.

Advertising Mediums to Consider
Spread the word about your business

You’ve worked hard to make your business what it is today, but it cannot hurt to add more customers no matter how far you’ve already come. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to reach more people, these advertising mediums can be used to achieve your goals and set yourself up for even greater levels of success.

Do You Need an Inside Sales or a Field Sales Team?
The unique benefits of two popular sales models

While some companies prefer face-to-face sales models, others opt for virtual ones. Which model is the most effective? Discover whether inside sales or field sales is best for your business.

The Reno Bighorns Honor Stan Wilmoth
For His Years of Outstanding Community Service

Stan Wilmoth, President and CEO of Heritage Bank, was the guest of honor at the Reno Bighorns Game on April 3rd. Stan was recognized by the team and given a team jersey for his outstanding community service.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain
Ways to exercise your brain for better health
To maintain a nimble, healthy physique, you have to exercise. Whether you have a regular cardio routine, like to take long walks, run regularly or …

6 Most Anticipated Movies of the Summer
Get your tickets early for these summer blockbusters
Summer is synonymous with carefree days, fun in the sun and much-anticipated cinema. After soaking up some rays or trying to avoid a summer shower, …

How to Celebrate Mother's Day on a Budget
Ways to celebrate Mom without breaking the bank
In an ideal world, you would have unlimited funds to spend on celebrating Mother’s Day; however, most of us operate on a tight budget. Even though …

Spring Planting 101
Basics for creating a beautiful garden that’ll last the year
Nothing indicates that spring has sprung better than a lush garden overflowing with blooming bulbs, bright greens and fragrant scents. If daffodils …

Unique Ways to Commemorate Memorial Day
10 ideas for honoring the military on May 28th
Whether or not you have a friend or relative who is serving in the military, Memorial Day is a somber holiday honoring those who put their lives on …

Coolest Reveals from Auto Show Season
Check out the hottest cars from this year’s auto shows
Annual auto shows have historically been used as platforms for automakers to show off their current lineups and to pull back the veil of new …

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