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May 2018

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Things to Consider Before Taking Your Business International
What steps should you take before going global?

You’d always hoped that you might one day be able to deliver your product to customers in major international markets, but that hope is now closer to a possibility than a pipe dream. Before you take your business across borders, however, some considerations must be made.

Improve Your Business’ Curb Appeal
Practical ways to improve the curb appeal of your business

While the quality of its services and products is vital for a small business, an often-overlooked factor in attracting customers is the outer appearance of your building. Here are some practical ways to amp up the aesthetic appeal of your establishment so you can increase sales and win new clients.

Creating a Sensible Business Dress Code
How to establish an effective dress code for the workplace

If you operate a business of any size, you have been faced with the concept of establishing a dress code. Dress codes are a standard requirement at workplaces across many different industries, but the degree of strictness typically varies based on the kind of business you conduct and the people you employ. What is uniform in all cases is that a dress code puts forth an appropriate face for your business. Your team should adhere to these standards as they would any other company policy.

Small-Business Grants for Women
Grants designed to support the dreams of female entrepreneurs

If you’re ready to start your own business or are eager to grow your existing business, small-business grants geared toward female-run enterprises can provide the financial boost you need to take the first or next step in your business plan.

What the New Tax Code Means for Your Small Business
How the recently passed tax bill affects your small business’s finances

A new tax bill has officially been passed, and the numerous changes it enacts will affect everyone’s yearly filings. If you’re a small-business owner, three primary changes will concern your business: individual tax rates are being lowered, a new pass-through provision will allow you to deduct up to 20 percent of your business income and the amount you can expense for business-related equipment has doubled.

Mobile Check Deposit
Deposit Checks With Your Phone

With Heritage Bank's Mobile Check Deposit Service you can easily make secure mobile check deposits with your phone directly into your Heritage Bank checking or savings account using the Heritage Bank Mobile App.

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