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July 2018

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Turn On Instant Balance and you can view your Heritage Bank account balances without having to log in. Just look for the INSTANT BALANCE BUTTON on the Login screen to view your balances instantly.
To activate, open the Heritage Bank of Nevada app. When you click on the app, put in your ID, password and touch 'Log In.' Then click on 'More.' Go to Instant Balance Settings. Switch Instant Balance ON and select from the list of eligible accounts that you wish to view instantly. It's that easy.

How to Build Trust Among Your Employees
Trust is key to a successful business environment

One of the most important aspects of running any business, no matter the size, is to have a quality of leadership that inspires trust and solidarity among your employees. There’s no quick way to achieve this, but with hard work and time, you will be able to foster an environment in which high-performing employees help you — and themselves — succeed.

Does Your Business Qualify for Green Tax Credits?
Get more for going green with these tax credits

When it comes to green tax credits for businesses, there can be a lot of confusion, particularly when it comes to the question of whether or not your business qualifies. These credits vary depending on your business’s location. But, according to listings of incentive programs on the U.S. Department of Energy and Internal Revenue Service websites, a few factors aside from location could generally allow your business to be qualified.

Help Your Business Survive After Your Demise
Keep your legacy in business even after you have departed

As a small business owner, you have put a lot of work into making your enterprise a success. It’s only natural to want it to survive if the worst should happen, whether it’s ensuring that your employees’ jobs are safe or that your family has income to help them make ends meet. These steps should prepare your business to provide for those you care about in the event that you are no longer around to do so yourself.

Filing an Amended Tax Return
Practical steps for filling out and submitting a revised tax return

Even the most precise person can make a mistake on their taxes. If you find yourself needing to file an amended return, these tips will help you.

How to Refine Your Business Plan
Be ready to maneuver your business to the future

Before you even apply for financing, a solid business plan is an important part of helping you understand the fundamental pieces of your industry. From money matters to marketing to product and basic structure, a business plan involves intense research and strategy. Whether you’re still working on getting up and running or your enterprise has been open for years, these steps for refining your business plan will make it better than ever.

Asking the Right Questions to Understand Your Customers' Needs
Practical strategies for identifying client demands

Obtaining a thorough understanding of your customers’ current and future needs will set a solid foundation for increasing your business’s sales. Here are some key questions and resources you can implement to uncover the unique needs of your client base.

Does Your Logo Need a Refresh?
Examine the reasons why your organization’s icon may require an update

If you run a business or non-profit, you too may be considering a new logo for your brand. The first step in updating your brand’s logo is to determine why you want it to change in the first place.

Tips for Taking Better Phone Pictures
You don’t need expensive photography equipment to take a great photo
Smartphones make life more convenient. They help settle arguments with a quick Internet search, let you hold all of your favorite music in the palm …

Things to Consider When Buying a New Truck
Shopping for a pickup? Ask yourself these questions first
To make a choice that’s right for your financial situation, and to avoid getting overwhelmed by all these options, it’s important to consider your …

Transform your sunny backyard into a shaded haven
Simple ways to give more shade to your outdoor living space
Warmer temperatures inspire more time spent outside in your backyard. Make sure this area of your residence is soothing and shaded to help you and …

How to Start Planning for Christmas in July
Avoid stress and debt by planning ahead for the holidays
July is the half-way mark through the year, which indicates Christmas is just six months away. While it might be tempting to save the preparations …

Tips for Buying the Best Grill
Once you determine your needs, finding the perfect grill is easy
If you’re in the market for a new grill, here are some useful tips that will help you find the best one for your needs.

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