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August 2018

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Community Banking According to Stan

Stan Wilmoth, President and CEO of Heritage Bank shares his thoughts on Heritage Bank and provides a little insight into some of his personal values. Click on his image and follow the link to YouTube and Stan talking about:
-   How local families started Heritage Bank
-   How the employees built the dynasty that today is Heritage Bank
-   Why it's the trip and not the destination that counts
-   Smelling the roses and having a great time along the way
-   Passing your true values on to your Grandchildren
Click on picture to follow link to YouTube and Stan Wilmoth.

Why Performance Reviews Are Important for Success
Performance reviews are an important tool when wisely used

Performance reviews are a widely-used tool among businesses of all sizes seeking to achieve success. Though managers who provide ongoing feedback and coaching may view them as redundant, performance reviews provide a valuable opportunity to help hone your workforce.

Dealing with Difficult Clients
Tactfully navigate business relationships with challenging customers

Whatever industry your business is in, you likely have a few customers that are especially demanding. Whether they have particular needs or scrutinize the work they are paying for, practice these four strategies to help build a smoother relationship with such clients.

Tracking and Enforcing Your Company’s Sick Leave Policy
Take the hassle out of sick leave with these tracking and enforcement tips

One of the most often seen and most often abused policies in a workplace is the sick leave policy. With poor tracking and enforcement, the workplace could end up with problems with efficiency and morale, not to mention money wasted paying someone who is abusing the system.

What to Know About Profit and Loss Statements
How to understand these difficult, yet necessary documents

Unless you’re a seasoned financial professional, reading a profit and loss statement can be a headache-inducing task. Because there is such a level of information to process, it’s widely recommended that you seek the help of someone who has experience with P&L statements. Still, there is information that you should know to improve your understanding of what and how these useful reports work.

Upcoming Events in Northern Nevada
Join in the Fun!

Here are just a few of the many wonderful events coming up:
Great Reno Balloon Races - Sept 6-9
National Air Races at Stead - Sept 10-16
NCET Business Expo - Sept 28
Blue Angels - Gardnerville - Oct 13, 14
Heritage Bank
Heritage Bank Shred Day - Reno Main, Nov 2

Should You File Your Taxes Jointly?
How to determine if filing jointly or separately is right for you and your spouse
You and your significant other considered a number of important financial decisions prior to tying the knot, including whether you should share a …

Choosing the Right Paint Colors
How to pick paint colors like a pro
Picking colors to paint a room can feel like an overwhelming task, and the stakes are high — the choices you make will affect the space you live in …

Best First Pets for Kids
What pet will work well with your family?
Your children have been pestering you incessantly for a pet, but you aren’t completely sure that they’re ready to handle the responsibility that …

Upcoming Fall TV Premieres
Tune into these new television series arriving this fall
The fall television season is exciting each year, with new programs being added into weekly schedules on a variety of channels. This year has been …

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