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November 2018

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Celebrating the Holidays with Your Staff
How to put on a holiday celebration that will please all parties

Celebrating the holidays with your team is an essential tool for bonding with your employees and helping them forge stronger relationships with one another.

Creating Incentives for Sales and Service
Motivate employees for improved performance

Sometimes, even the most self-motivated employees need a little extra push to go from good enough to excellent.

How to Handle Employee Complaints
Ensuring that your employees feel that they are being heard

Part of what makes your business so successful and allows it to thrive on a daily basis is the mix of perspectives and personalities that inhabit your workspace.

Which Digital Advertising Platform is Right for Your Business?
Get the word out to as many people as possible with these tools

When you search for digital marketing, you open the floodgates of advice about what the next big thing is in online advertising. This is a constantly changing field, but there are a few constants that you can rely on in the near future.

Should You Rent or Buy Your Business Space?
Smart insights to inform your decision

Are you considering acquiring office space for your business? While some owners prefer renting and others prefer buying, only one option will suit the unique needs and objectives of your organization.

5 Easy Ways to Stay Active During Your Work Day
How to incorporate activity into your day

If your job requires you to sit for hours, take these simple steps to stay more active while at work.

What Are the 4 Disciplines of Execution?
How to apply the popular method to your daily business practices

By applying these disciplines to your day-to-day operations, you can improve the productivity of your business and execute when it’s most important.

When to Bring In the Tax Pros
Hiring a tax professional can help your business

Planning for and preparing your taxes is a year-round responsibility for small business owners. Whether you are just getting your business started or have been running strong for years, there are a number of benefits to hiring a tax professional.

Sam Breen is the Lucky Winner of the Hotsprings Hot Tub
We Raised Over $2,400 For The National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation

Heritage Bank supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by displaying two pink hot tubs in our lobbies throughout the month and offering a chance to win one. The bank collected donations for the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. along with entries into the chance to win one of the Hot Tubs. Anthony Grasso, owner of Hotsprings Spas of Carson City and Lake Tahoe donated the hot tub and has generously included transporting them.

In addition, to the donations collected, Heritage Bank matched the total with a contribution to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. Sam Breen was the lucky winner of the Hot Tub and is excited to share it with his children.

Our Branches Celebrated Halloween by Dressing Up In Amazing Costumes
We had pirates, hippies, jail birds and even giant spiders in our branches.

Our branches had a great time celebrating Halloween this year and came up with some very creative costumes including pirates, hippies, superheros, jail birds and more.

What is Driver Assist Technology?
A closer look at some of the automotive industry’s most advanced safety systems
The majority of these new safety systems can be classified as driver assist technology. These technologies work to improve the driving habits of …

How to Make Any Hotel Feel Like Home
How to replicate the comforts of home in your hotel room
Some travelers can find themselves becoming rather homesick shortly after departing on a trip. That homesick feeling is often accentuated by the …

Helpful Podcasts on Parenting
Advice and stories from experts and fellow parents
Although being a parent is a joy, parenthood also comes with its fair share of challenges. To help parents tackle these challenges, a whole genre of …

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