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May 2019

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Make Your Business Recession-Proof
Be prepared for tough times

After the Great Recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s, the United States has seen great economic growth and prosperity—but ever since that last recession ended, economic experts have been fighting over when the next one will begin.

Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
How to handle and prevent sexual harassment among employees

When an employee reports that they have been experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, employers have a legal and ethical obligation to investigate no matter if they believe the report or not.

Tax Incentives for Going Green
Go green to earn tax credits and deductions for your business

Going green not only benefits the environment but also your business’ bottom line. By choosing more sustainable products and processes at your business, you’re helping to care for your employees, your community and the world around you.

Tips for First-Time Managers
Start your new role on the right foot

You’ve worked hard to prove yourself, and your company has promoted you to the role of manager. While becoming a manager feels like an accomplishment, your move will involve many challenges.

Implementing Creative Sales Promotions
How to drive long-term interest in your business with promotions

If you’ve been considering sales promotions for your business but want to make sure that you get the most benefit out of it, you may want to look to alternative methods for promotion.

How to Attract Angel Investors
Bring in the money to give your business a boost

If you’re thinking about opening a business but worried about getting loans, angel investors might sound like the perfect option. The money might sound easy to come by, but it requires as much work as applying for a traditional loan from your lending institution.

Do Open Offices Work?
Comparing the pros and cons of open-office layouts

Despite the recent trend of open-plan offices, the jury is still out on whether this type of layout fosters the increased collaboration and productivity that its proponents claim.

Congratulations to Kelly Wilmoth
Kelly was recently named one of Sierra Nevada's Top 20 Powerful Women by the Northern Nevada Business View Magazine

Kelly Wilmoth is Vice President of Construction/Residential Lending at Heritage Bank. She began her career at Nevada State Bank and moved to Business Bank of Nevada. She joined Heritage Bank in 2011. Kelly's vision of power is, "Power is not determined by your position but the ability to lead and influence. It impinges on personal development, character, and actions. Power has the capacity to greatly effect a situation. It is not intended to control but influence a greater global vision."

Reno Events This Summer
Get out and enjoy all that the Reno area has to offer...

Reno Rodeo  June 20-29
Barracuda PGA  July 22-28
Artown  July 1-31
Wing Fest  July 5-6
Chalk Art Festival  July 12-14
Tahoe Shakespeare  July 5- Aug 25
Hot August Nights  Aug 6-11
Burning Man  Aug 25 - Sept 2
Rib Cook-off  Aug 28 - Sept 2
Int. Camel Races  Sept 6-8
Reno Balloon Race  Sept 6-8
National Air Races  Sept 11-15
Street Vibrations  Sept 25-29
Candy Dance  Sept 28-29


How to Read and Understand Nutrition Labels
How to decipher the language of nutrition labels
You know it’s important to read the labels on the food you buy because they reveal whether or not your choice is healthy, but honestly, a nutrition …

Photography Apps for Your Phone
Filter or no filter, these apps will make your pictures pop
Taking photographs with your smartphone is just a way of life, whether it’s celebrating a night out with your best friend or chronicling a …

Tips for Outdoor Entertaining
Providing the perfect venue for a fun party
Before you send out that event invite on Facebook or text your friends about a big gathering at your place, have a plan ready to turn your humble …

Summer Road Trip Reads
Five thrilling titles for your next cross-country trek
A summer road trip is the perfect time to catch up on reading. Whether you’re flipping pages in the passenger seat or absorbing the audiobook …

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