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June 2019

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Give Your Business a Financial Checkup
Tips for keeping your small business finances healthy

One of the main tasks of a business owner is to make sure your company’s finances are in order. But with all the variables and potentially hectic day-to-day activities that come with running a business, it can be hard to find the time.

Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed
Save on your taxes by claiming these oft-overlooked deductions

Breaking away from the corporate workplace and blazing your own trail is freeing but also challenging. Luckily, the government recognizes how difficult self-employment can be and offers many tax deductions to ease the grind.

How to Find Quality Candidates for Your Business
Strategies for recruiting fresh talent

Although the world is full of job seekers, it can be challenging for an entrepreneur to find workers who possess the skills, experience and personality traits to help a small business succeed.

Marketing to Millennials
Six effective ways to reach millennial consumers

It’s important for your business to think outside of the box when targeting millennial consumers. Here are six marketing strategies you can adopt to increase audience engagement with them.

Securing Your Business Premises
How to protect your business’ premises

There are some simple steps you can take to protect your customers and employees when they’re on your property.

How to Set Up an Open-Door Policy
Feedback is essential to your business’s success

Open-door policies are a hot topic in the world of business. Concisely, an open-door policy is a management system that looks for more communication between higher management and employees on the ground.

Summer Volunteering Ideas
Take time this summer to make a difference in your community

Summer offers an abundance of opportunities for you to volunteer. Your children will need an activity to keep them occupied while on summer break, and young professionals can boost their resumes with instances of community engagement.

When to Launch a Customer Loyalty Program
How to keep your customers coming back

One way to ensure that your business stays booming and your doors are always ringing open is a customer loyalty program. Knowing when and how to implement such a program is key to its overall success.

Meet Tom Keller
Branch Manager at our Damonte Branch location.

Tom is an AVP, Branch Manager. He joined Heritage Bank in December of 2016. Tom has over 17 years of community bank management experience in Virginia and Maryland, as well as five plus years of business to business sales and sales management experience for a national company covering a three state territory. Tom earned his Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Mississippi State University in 1983. NMLS#1590897

Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep
Seven tips to get more rest at night
Getting a good night’s sleep plays a pivotal role in your mental and physical health, as well as your overall quality of life.

Landscaping Tips for Beginners
How to spruce up your yard like a pro
Landscaping is not a one-and-done operation that requires little thought, which can make it feel like an overwhelming task if you’ve never done it …

4 Classic Films Everyone Should See
Four films all cinephiles must check out
Few movies fall firmly into the category of films that are not just great for everyone, but basically required viewing for movie-lovers.

How to De-Stress While Driving
Easy tips for a calmer commute
Does it feel like you’re wasting time when you’re behind the wheel? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Tax Benefits for Singles
How to make the most of your single filing status
Being happily married is a boon come tax time, as your legal status can help you and your partner net a larger return. This is not to say that there …

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